Sunday, January 24, 2016


This Sunday morning I get to reflect on the opportunity my family and I had to visit the Provo City Center Temple. My, that beautiful building had me thinking of grandma. 
So I have found the most.... intriguing (yeah that word works).... music to listen to on Sunday. Josh Garrels. He sings gospel music that has an old time feel. 

Gospel songs sing the greatest truth. Here is a truth I'm learning today. 

"A lesson in love is the hardest thing 
You and I will ever learn 
Cause our hearts are so shy"

But by reflecting the love of Christ we can learn how to love in the most pure way. As the bible reads, For perfect love casteth out all fear. 

"We're walking on a thin string 
But I know the Lord got the whole thing in His hands....
Together we can make our way home"

So here's to gospel songs and understanding that love of Christ will never fail.