Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Fickle a People Are We?

How fickle a people are we?

Yesteryear we sorrowed,

today we dishonored the thing we sorrowed for.

What we were forced into remembrance to protect

we now destroyed the very thing we just testified.

We jump to conclusion.

yet run from evidence and knowledge.

We don't understand time,

and time doesn't understand us.

We lie, we cheat, we get dragged to out feet.

We reach, we change, we fly to the sky.

We stand, we fall, we barely grow at all.

We grow, we know, then forgot our very own call.

We want to yell it out,

We wish to keep it in,

We turn like the tides of the sea.

How fickle a people are we.

Emma Rose

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tangled to Change

"What is the best way to start a day?" If it just so be that you happen to ask the right girl from my very own home town you would possibly get this reply, "listen all morning to the Tangled movie soundtrack, and then you will have THE BEST DAY EVER!".

I can honestly tell you this is true. There is nothing like listening to a cheerful Disney movie song that starts off by cheerly bragging about waking up at 7 a.m. (When Will My Life Begin) For me, I wake up at 5:30, but this soundtrack makes me ready to make the day accomplished.

Not only is the Tangled soundtrack the perfect remedy for making a great day but it also can unite a carpool. (Enter a sweet sigh from the audience right about now.) It is my personal opinion that today was the greatest carpooling day as we blasted the princess music while singing and dancing our way to school.

So, when it doubt, Tangled music works things out!
Emma Rose!
P.s. I tried dressing like a Jedi today, not that anyone could actually tell. Ah, but that's a nerds life for you, doing things that no one else understands (except sometimes your nerdy friends).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Relapse

It has been four years since my last build-a-bear, well at least that is what I could have said until yesterday...

Let me take you back into my more youthful years. When I had a crazy obsession about build-a-bears. Let's just say that I currently have 16 in my possession, and I use to have more. My mom started to get worried about my extensive collection and when I was 11 she declared it illegal for me to make another bear, bunny, or dog. At first I was heart broken. But as the years went by I was getting over my obsession. I did get one more with my mom's special permission at age 13 in California, while visiting my sister. I still remember that most amazing feeling I got when making my own bear, dressing it, and taking it home. (oh I have SO many memories revolving around these bears)

So my nieces and nephew received a gift certificate to build-a-bear for Christmas. Yesterday we went to redeem it. I entered into the store determined not to get one. At first I felt completely over my obsession of the past. I said to myself it will be fun enough to watch my nephew make his first bear. I lasted maybe 3 minutes before I entertained the thought of maybe, just maybe, getting another bear...

Well, to make this story shortish, I got another bear! It felt weird at first, not the same sensation I used to get. I really do believe that I am done buying anymore build-a-bears for myself, I don't have that overwhelming desire for them anymore. But the one I made yesterday is simply the bomb. It encompasses everything about me and this blog.

So please don't think me a simpleton, or very kid-ish, or a weirdo. We all have weaknesses, I just let you in on mine. But I can honestly say I am quite over build-a-bears for good now. There is no way I could beat this one in awesomeness. Yes. It is a koala bear dressed in a Darth Vader suit with purple sparkly shoes! You're jealous, I know.
-Em Ro
P.s. I have plans for down sizing my build-a-bear collection.
P.s.s. I also added pictures of my ballon twin that my nieces made.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind Boggling

Derivative, anti-derivative, integral, derive the anti-derivative integral, trapezoidal, accumulation, acceleration, de-acceleration, acceleration in a negative manner, initial velocity, intitial distance, displacement, position, velocity, substitution, gravity, u, ln, tangent line, slope, absolute value, graphs, graphs, graphs! And my mind is swamped. I have AP Calc this trimester along with Physics. My mind feels like this: doddbshsnshjhsbshdhsjgavabekfic!!!

Translation: Mind is experiencing exhaustion, confusion, and total blah! I love learning, but these last few weeks just have been so crazy that my mind is drenched with fatigue.
But in better news I'm starting to get excited, just a bit, for college! :)
I really think that I want to go to BYÜ
But mind I must deprive you of the pleasure of pondering the future and remind you that you have a math test tomorrow.
Must continue studying, says the homework robot.
Em Ro
P.s. when studying for an AP test that is 118 starts sounding appealing compared to the homework you have currently, you should be worried. Which means I should be worried.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Mind Wonders Back to the Future

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." Corrie ten Boom
Whoever has read The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom knows just how amazing she is! The Hiding Place is an autobiography of her life during Nazi Germany. Corrie keeps her faith even through her darkest hours of trying to survive in a concentration camp. If she can say this about the future then I can feel more assured and less frightened by my own future. I am not sure just why I am so scared for the years to come, but I am. I am learning though to trust my Lord and look forward with faith and excitement.

So I am a senior in High School. Being at this stage of life seems as if every adult that meets me must interrogate me and my plans for life. Truthfully, I don't have everything planned out yet. I have ideas and goals, I just am still discovering myself. I know my next step: go to college. To which college, I'm not sure yet. I mean I haven't even gotten my acceptance letters from each college I have applied for yet. The hardest thing for me though is I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life. I wish I knew the specific answer, but there are so many conditional pieces to the puzzle. I want to get married and have kids (my number one priority), which changes my whole perspective on where I want to go with my life. I also want to follow the will of my Lord and go the way he would have me go. It might take me getting into action and taking steps before He lays out His plans for me.

I wanted to write some of the options of things I have always considered in doing:
MY ULTIMATE DREAM: You know that one desire, that one wish you have always had in your heart. It is your dream. This is mine. I have for the longest time wanted to open an aquarium in Utah that would be able to hold habitats for dolphins. It is amazing just how much effort and thought I have put into this dream. There will always be a part of me that wants this dream to become real. I doubt I will ever let it go. Though recently I have been able to put it to the side to consider other things. Yet, I never want to let it go. I have planned the name, logo, drawn building designs, put together a list of animals, thought of names for animals, thought of ideas for community involvement, when I go to cities large enough I would keep an eye out for property that would house my facility, planned my office space, and I have even picked want music I would have in the background. Yes, I am obsessed. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I still want to make it happen. For some reason, I can't place it, I feel like I shouldn't do it. Then the next moment I feel like I should. I do not know if it is doubt in myself or if it is just not the direction I am suppose to go into. So this is the point that is causing the most confusion. I am stuck between wanting to make this happen and finding a more logical answer. And I don't know which way to commit to.

Recently I have been looking extensively into becoming a teacher. Teaching has always been my back up plan, not trying to put it in a harsh way but the whole aquarium thing has always been first in my heart. I am not sure just what exactly I would teach. I have been leaning towards either intermediate age (6th-7th age) or a bit older or younger. I also have been deeply considering special education. I want to change others through my actions and I know that being a teacher will allow me to do so. I want to show those around me all that they can be. It would take much effort, but I know that there have been teachers like this for me.

I also have random interest. Recently I have loved digital designing. I also love anything social studies! I love genealogy and feel there is a future for me there also.

I'm going to focus on trying to clear some of my confusion, but I don't want to push anything and therefore forfeit guidance from my Savior. I willing put trust in my Savior to guide me through my unknow future.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Quick Greeting

Well, I've had a tremendously full and crazy day. So I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to stop by and say hello! So hello.

Haha. J.K. Rowling!

I do have a bit more to say. I am currently writing an "educational autobiography" for my TEAL 1010 class. Here is the quote I am using for my theme:
"Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that-one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right" -Oliver Wendell Holmes

The more I read this quote, the more I love it!

In other news I am working on my project for the FBLA competition. It actually really fun! :)
Fare the well!
Emma Rose
Oh and here is a picture of my cat. (this picture should be worth a lot because its one of the few times she isn't looking extremely evil!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Amazing Seminary Class

I, Emma Rose, belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I love being a member 100 percent. In the LDS church many youth have an opportunity to go to seminary (depending on where you live). Seminary is a great part of my High School day! Ü I leave the High School for an hour to come closer to my Savior and learn out of the scriptures. This is background information to my story.

Last trimester I has the most wonderful opportunity to serve for a second time in the Reverse Mainstream Seminary Class. Each student who needs some special attention is paired with a seminary buddy. And let me tell you what, best friends are created and quickly. That trimester of seminary was the greatest life changing time. I loved that class unlike I had loved another class before.

My mom also served in the Reverse Mainstream Seminary. Yes, that means I have the super of all super moms. She is a super mom, a seminary teacher, and a missionary! Well, at least for her two and a half year mission. She was released last December. Having my mom doing such a mighty work changed my life. Not only was she there at the high school for most of my three years of attendance but the strength her serving brought to me is indispensable.

I was heartbroken when the trimester ended. I couldn't not imagine not being in that class and feeling its immense spirit. It was like no other. On the last day of the tri most of us cried. Going to my new class the next trimester was extremely difficult at first. I missed all my bestest of best friends and the closeness we had. But as time went on I got adjusted to my new class (which is an amazing class to!).

I still am best friends with all my favorite class's class members. I love being able to say hello, catch up with them and always have them as friends. Everything was going well or so I thought. Then tonight I went to help my mom do some service in the classroom. An institute class (like seminary for adults) had just be released. It is also a class geared towards those facing unique lives. As I walked to the classroom passing many of the students I became instantly introduced and friends with many of those there. I walked in that room and the spirit that I can remember being in my seminary class so present, I could not deny it. It was amazing. I started to long once again for my former class. My heart twinged as I looked at all my favorite parts of the class. The tree that at the beginning of the year I helped to build now stood full of testimonies. It was astounding. I was quickly attracted to it. I quickly could decipher who wrote each "sweet fruit" on our tree of life tree. I found mine, I found my best friends from last tri, and was able to recognize the strong testimonies of the new students from the new tri.

The testimonies, spirit, and memories touched me deeply. I loved and will always love everyone and everything about that class. I took many pictures so have a look see into a part of my past that will always shape me and my future. Many have praised me on my "patients" for serving in the class. Many times I heard it take a special person who is talented to serve in that class and they could never do it. Every part of me wants me to make sure that that person knows that isn't how it is. The students in there are so amazing that you can't leave without being a better person. It's not me who is the strength of the class, it's those who "I served" when in truth they served me. I have been strengthen and uplifted by my amazing seminary class.
-Emma Rose

Explanation to pictures (not necessarily in order): picture of my class; picture of class drawing on board; full tree of life covered in "sweet fruit" testimonies; my super missionary; seminary teacher, mom; my seminary friend Brandon and I; me and another of my seminary buddies Kaitlyn outside of class; BYU on a "sweet fruit" an obvious give away to a work of Stephen's; and any other picture I may have thrown in.

Their testimonies are so strong and pure. Their knowledge of truth profound. The way they change me is unforgettable.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Good morning fellow beings of Earth.

Well, I have just concluded in my work on my China essay. Now I am stuck in my bed with my writers head still churning. So I, at 3:51 in the morning, want to note my goals for this year. I must confess I had taken upon myself to not come up with New Year's resolution, but being a blogger and such it almost seems necessary. Besides I want to remind myself of some things.

First matter of business: I have chosen a scripture theme for myself. Joshua 1:9, "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."
I love this scripture. Whenever I get anxious about the future or disheartened by one of my weaknesses this scripture gives me hope and keeps me going.

Second matter of business: my year mottos and reminders:
•Never say anything negative about anybody.
•arise and shine forth!
•if it is worth doing, do it well.
•be more like my grandma, continue her legacy

Third matter of business: my list of accomplishment I want to complete (just the start of this list):
•Plant a tree on my 18th birthday.
•Make a quote book of the words that have touched me
*See a great white whale in the ocean.
*Do humanitarian service in another country
*Become a quote designer as a side hobby.
Okay... I will need to add many more...

Well, farewell!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome, welcome, one and all!

It is 10:11 at night. I should be asleep since I have much education to consumer tomorrow, but alas. I am writing to no one in particular on my blog. Oh and I must mention that I am planning on waking up at 2:00 tomorrow morning to finish my AP Comparative Government essay on China! Whoo. What a way to start my day.

I wanted to make you all red with envy by me bragging about the AWESOME experience I had last Friday. I slept over at my friend Valerie's house. The cool thing was: I slept in a BARN! How unconventional is that? Answer: very, well at least for me. Maybe you are from some farmland and live in a barn, but for me this was a very unusual experience. I haven't entered into more than five barns in my life, and maybe a city slicker reading this has never even seen an authentic barn. So yes, you should be jealous. Plus the coolest thing was this barn was decked out in all things 70's. Too bad I wasn't considerate enough to take picture of the inside or out. I was planning on doing so but forgot.

Well, after my adventure in the barn my friend Mufausa and I had an adventure of EPIC proportions. We dressed up in baggy clothes and hammertimed it with 80's glasses. We annoyed my family and a guest at my house, and almost injured a few people. Aw. How much joy I bring! We went out side and goofy laughed, jumped on the tramp, took pictures, and ran in snow! 'twas oh so fun!

Well, I really should let my mind get 3 and a half hours of sleep...
-EPIC signing off. BD
(Emma Phipps Is Cool)

P.s. this blog post may seem quite snobbish, it was all just an experimentation with the writing element "voice". Maybe you heard it, maybe not.
This is the end: THE END