Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind Boggling

Derivative, anti-derivative, integral, derive the anti-derivative integral, trapezoidal, accumulation, acceleration, de-acceleration, acceleration in a negative manner, initial velocity, intitial distance, displacement, position, velocity, substitution, gravity, u, ln, tangent line, slope, absolute value, graphs, graphs, graphs! And my mind is swamped. I have AP Calc this trimester along with Physics. My mind feels like this: doddbshsnshjhsbshdhsjgavabekfic!!!

Translation: Mind is experiencing exhaustion, confusion, and total blah! I love learning, but these last few weeks just have been so crazy that my mind is drenched with fatigue.
But in better news I'm starting to get excited, just a bit, for college! :)
I really think that I want to go to BYÜ
But mind I must deprive you of the pleasure of pondering the future and remind you that you have a math test tomorrow.
Must continue studying, says the homework robot.
Em Ro
P.s. when studying for an AP test that is 118 starts sounding appealing compared to the homework you have currently, you should be worried. Which means I should be worried.

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