Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

On Prayer. Elder Ruchard G. Scott.

“He is our perfect Father. He loves us beyond our capacity to understand. He knows what is best for us. He sees the end from the beginning. He wants us to act to gain needed experience:

“When He answers yes, it is to give us confidence.

“When He answers no, it is to prevent error.

“When He withholds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in Him, obedience to His commandments, and a willingness to act on truth”

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Year 21

In twenty-one more years, I am certain that I will look at this year in awe.

I will laugh at the confusion.

Embrace the misunderstood.

See why it is perfect for me.

I choose to go be blindsided to the questions I don't understand, in order to follow the answers I know are right.

But for now... I continue to be content with my choice to jump.

With urgency I keep on creating my wings.

I have the right answers without knowing the question. All from a jump.

Friday, October 23, 2015


My all time favorite music video to a killer song!
The Shins-Simple Song


Sometimes all you need are really good friend to help you know you are right where you need to be.

Monday, October 12, 2015

L I F E versus L I V I N G

The endless cycle of idea and action,
Endless invention, endless experiment,
Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness;
Knowledge of speech, but not of silence;
Knowledge of words, and ignorance of the Word.
All our knowledge brings us nearer to death,
But nearness to death no nearer to God.
Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
The cycles of heaven in twenty centuries
Brings us farther from God and nearer to the Dust.    The lot of man is ceaseless labor,
Or ceaseless idleness, which is still harder,
Or irregular labour, which is not pleasant.
I have trodden the winepress alone, and I know
That it is hard to be really useful, resigning
The things that men count for happiness, seeking
The good deeds that lead to obscurity, accepting
With equal face those that bring ignominy,
The applause of all or the love of none.
All men are ready to invest their money
But most expect dividends.
I say to you: Make perfect your will.
I say: take no thought of the harvest,
But only of proper sowing.
    The world turns and the world changes,
But one thing does not change.
In all of my years, one thing does not change,
However you disguise it, this thing does not change:
The perpetual struggle of Good and Evil.

T.S. Eliot

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Missing the mission

Yesterday, so many little memories of my mission flooded in my mind. Oh boy, I sure do love that experience. I was talking about it and longing for it and my friend turned to me and said, "Emma Rose, I think this means you really need a boyfriend." Hahahahaha. Ha. Okay, maybe I need to calm down my mission missing blues. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Reviewed

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! It's officially sweater weather!!!!!!!!! I've waited all summer for this!

And one of my friends new made hot chocolate. Okay fall. Sounds good. You are invited to stay. 

Why hello. Random monologue. These last few weeks, as you may know, I have had a shift of direction for life. It was a strange season. Then yesterday I found a new direction I have wanted to pursue. I found some things I never knew exisited and that matched all that I've been looking for in life. So here we go. 

The picture showcasing the moment I decided to try a different major. #herewego

I have the best of friends here!! We are working on a flag collection. We are up to four. 

Look at this beauty!!! My friend is doing the most amazing art project. She had girls on our floor fold origami and then she painted each of them with their uniqueness. How awesome is she? 

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Universe Speaks and Other Ramblings

What is this life?

This weekend has been adventurous! Like, really adventurous! I will let you know about it. Just today I went back to the Provo Latin festival. Hermana Taylor and I heard there would be ZUMBA, so of course we had to return. Well, the unexpected happened. To participate in ZUMBA you had stand in front of the a huge audience and dance on stage. I ain't got the talent for that!

But that is what we came for. So we came. We saw. We conquered.... Well not quite. But at least all the great dancers whom have it in their blood could laugh at your returned missionary attempts and latin Zumba. Picture to follow:

Then we went "downtowning" (yes I just invented that word, #patentpending) looking for some vinyl records... Which are surprising hard to find. I left center street record-less. But any who I still had lots of fun. We found an upscale DI and tried on four crazy dresses. Take a gander :)

Sorry, not sorry, that this next part might not make sense.

Have you ever felt like the whole universe is telling you one thing? Everywhere I look, everything seems to be hinting towards the same idea. It is amazing. But here is the tough part... I haven't been listening. But I just might start.

To add to the universe speaking to me, an archived email from my mom spoke to me too, saying the same thing. When I came home from my mission my email had 1,897 emails. I've been slowly trying to delete them all... Finally today I did! But whilst clicking delete on all of them, one of my mum's emails to me caught my attention. Read it here:

"Dear Emma,
I deeply enjoyed reading your answers to the Life Themes and Dreams Assignment.  I believe you have a clear understanding of the strengths you bring with you to whatever you pursue. Albert Einstein said, "I have no special gift, I am only passionately curious."  I believe many would disagree with Albert stating that he had no special gifts. We can easily see the special gifts Mr. Einstein enjoyed.  Also, we are glad he was passionately curious.  As Maddi Brooks a BYU student home from BYU for the summer said in her talk in Sacrament Meeting last week, "Too often we ignore our strengths and down play them."  I believe she is right.   That is why I like this assignment you have been given.  It helps you recognize your strengths and how you can use them to achieve something miraculous in your life and in the world.  Also, because you are wise enough to do as President Ezra Taft Benson said and "put God first in your life and everything else will either fall into place or fall away," you will be led toward those things that you should do.

You have other interests that have been life-long that you barely addressed.  Your love of Dolphins that led you to seek what you needed to do to become a Dolphin Trainer while you were still elementary school age. Then focusing on the directive that it was imperative to have good grades has blessed you to achieve that goal.  You have had rich experiences.  Teachers bring their wealth of knowledge and experiences into play as they interact with students.  Experiences like swimming with and training dolphins for a day, will be fuel to feed the minds of little ones you work with.  Remember when you met another child who did not even know what dolphins were and was having a hard time believeing they were real?  That is when I believe you began to realize how blessed you were with rich experiences.  I also advise you to continue to pursue your music.  Music is a universal connector with people.  Continue to be a person who loves to learn and loves to do your best in every endeavor and you will have much to offer the world.  Remember, "what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve," --Napoleon Hill

Finally, I know that you are motivated by a deep desire to do nice things for people and that you have a strong moral code.  Maddi also quoted Michelangelo being asked about how the carved, he replied, "I saw the angel in the marble and I just set him free."  I loved your tender concern for Brandon, your Seminary Buddy in our Special Needs class.  You connected with him and communicated with him through empathy and sign language when many were nervous helping someone who was non-verbal and wheel-chair bound.  You noticed that his eyes were his world and communicated to his soul through them.  This ability to connect heart-to-heart will take you far.  I am also delighted that you love the past, for without the ability to study and learn from the past, we are bound to make the same mistakes as those who have gone before and we would rather just build on their strengths. 

Good luck to you as you build your future.  You already have a great foundation"

Now I have plans to do just that. I will let you know shortly my great life plan! Just you wait!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

#bestday #sunday

Sunday! We meet again! Thankfully. 

I love me some Sunday. 

I think I miracle happened this morning! I landed on a direction for my life. Now just for studying it out and implimenting it. 

Enter photo of my life because it keeps bolts interesting.... 

Big puffy skirt that kinda scares me when wearing it
Latin festival in Provo. Boy oh boy I sure do miss the food!!
My floor friends are the bestest!!! 
Picture of my friends taken back in highschool. All of them are living together at USU. I guess back row is for BYU
Got the second most beautiful name tag in the world!!! First of course would be from my mission

Story time with EmRo!!

One of my friends during summer was flipping through my diary.... Cause that is what friends do, right? ;) well anywho, my friend stopped on a page tha only said, "I love foreigners." Period. Nothing else. End of journal entry. She laughed and laughed and laughed. 

But it is true! And deserves a whole page! I love foreigners! And I think this love of foreigners comes from the fact that deep down in my soul I know I am a foreigner also. This earth is only my temporary 


Friday, September 4, 2015

The Death {and Rebirth} of Emma Rose

This semester is going to be unlike any other. Let's face it, it already is. 

Top five goals: 
✌️ weekly temple time set up
✌ Be part of conexiones every week.
✌️ Play at an open mic at Velour (dollar discount #forthewin)
✌ finalize (slash figure my life out) my grad plan
✌️ viva la vida de Hermana Phipps

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


"Sometimes you just have to jump and build your own wings on your way down." 

One of my all time favorite speakers (Hank Smith, who just so happens to be my New Testament professor) quoted his dad in a post on Facebook by saying this. Wow. How powerful is that? I feel right now in my life I am not sure what I'm doing. But last night I took a jump. And I'm determined to build my wings on the way. 

P.s. I love how it says BUIlD. It easily could have said "find" but that takes away our responsibility to work for it. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I have never....

... Been in a car crash. 

That is until today. 

First time for everything right? 

Let me get the important things cleared up. Phin is fairing pretty well. He took a good hit to the left bumper, but he took it like a champ!! At the same time as my accident two other accidents happened around us. Mini end of the world moment!! But all is well. My car is out of commission for me for the week. But my mom gets to use it and just when she needed it too! Indiana Jones, the earth quaking family truck died ironically today also! So my mom took my car to get it all bandaged and healed and to have a ride home. 

It was a miracle that my car wasn't hurt as bad as it easily could have been. I am blessed. 

Friday, August 28, 2015


Tonight I went on an adventure by myself. I visited the temple-to-be in Provo's city center. For the last fifteen minutes I watched couple after couple make their way to the front of the temple to pause for a moment and admire its beauty. I hope that they understand that this beautiful edifice is for them, especially to receive the highest blessings Heavenly Father has for them. 

This morning I was reading in DC and "found" a scripture I hadn't recognized before. It reads, (DC 109:24) We ask thee, Holy Father, to establish the people that shall worship, and honorably hold a name and standing in this thy house, to all generations and for eternity;

As I watched the couples go by I recognized that Heavenly Father has answered this pioneer prayer for a temple loving people to be established. Now I pray that I will let the Lord establish me into one who will always be found "worship[ing] and honorably hold[ing] a name and standing in this [His] holy house."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bump, set, spike

Ever imagined the day that Emma Rose would actually make her way through a volleyball game halfway decently? I hadn't either! It seemed quite novel of an idea. 

During RA training today I went to a BEAUTIFUL retreat up in a canyon behind Springville. Wow. Great day. But then the girls in the car got it in their heads that playing volleyball with any RA who wanted to would be the bestest thing to do this evening. 

Grumpy cat. 

I wasn't getting in to that idea.  In fact I promptly decided that I would forfeit the oportunity and work on what ever is on my forever list of things to do. But then I went to dinner and everyone assumed I was going.... So... I ended up in my room minutes before time to go complaining to dad how I just didn't wNt to play. 

But then I went. And something happened. I play pretty okay-ly. I don't even know..... It was so strange!!! Weird not being the laughing stock. 

Pues, es todo.

Also.... Just one of my favorite pictures from summer term. All the joys of breakfast way too early in the morning... 

Monday, August 17, 2015


Here we go!

Today was the first day of RA training for fall. Wow. This is so much fun! I have been loving every moment. This is the best job in the universe! #reslife for life!

I got to make the flyer that will be sent to all the residents for Helaman halls! That was fun!


Just random thinkings.
Each day I have the chance to maintain me, change me, and basically create me. SO that is what I am striving to do each day! In my maintaining, look to Christ. What talents has He giving me that I should keep the same and grow with? Change me. What things would Christ have me give to Him, in order to put my life more closely inline with His. Then there is creating. It is my job to be anxiously engaged in the cause of creating myself, but surely be ready to be molded by the Master's hand.

Monday, August 10, 2015


One day I will be able to say:
"I have lived my life doing what I loved most passionately. I consider this a most extraordinary miracle in a world which conspires to rob us of our dreams and even our passions."
Italian Artist

Sunday, August 9, 2015


What a week.

Oh man. I have abandoned this site. But you did get a good hello from my floor friend Scheridan! I love her.

Well, I have had a wonderful week! SO much so it will make up for my absence from the last few months. My work keeps me going 24/7... but I am getting the swing of things. #2monthslater


I have felt so much love this week! I love all the people I have in my life right now. But that is besides the point. On Monday it rained, really, really, really hard. So after being soaked I dressed in my favorite Spokane-ish outfit, hence my reindeer outfit below! We sat on some random persons tandem bike. And cleaned up after party from a dance we had three days prior. Best way to kick off the week!

I also went to the temple with my fellow coworkers. I love that place! Just like everyone says, it provides peace like no other place can. It also gives me resolution. I love the house of the Lord. 

Here are some of my most favorite people in the world, gathered for one picture. Most of the people in this picture, and by most I mean all but myself and one other friend, belong to the Wheatley program here. They are all students whom were accepted into BYU but choose to go to other school. They were then invited to come for the summer, with their housing, tuition, and food all paid for. They are the funnest people I have met! They are all so creative and easy to be around. I am so glad I am an honorary member! Really, I should just be part of the Wheatley program! I even went to their weekly class one week just because I love being with them! 

On a whim, I went to the final Roof Top Concert series here in P-Town. It was all Beadles music. Wow. All the hippie life. I was feeling it. All you need is life and political talk.

As if this week wasn't good enough with being surrounded by friends, to out the cherry on top I had time with family and missionary moments!!!!! AHHH. I LOVE LIFE!

President and Sister Mullen's welcome home reunion was this weekend! I went with Hermana Taylor and Sister Huang to the reunion. I actually got to meet lots of people! I love missions and the countless lives it changes. Just looking at the missionaries alone who went out is heart melting. 

I went for ice cream with my all time favorite nieces! I sure do love these girls! I also went to a wedding for a relative and got to see my favorite second cousins who just moved back from Oregon! They have grown up SO SO SO much. Last time I saw them was five years ago. 

Want to hear the most absolute miracle of the week?!?!? Rosie MOVED TO UTAH!!!!!!!! She Facebook messaged me telling me to call her. So I did!!! She then went on to ask me church information and how she could get in contact with the missionaries. Her cousin that she is living with s not a member and is so nice and so open! We all went to church together and it went so well! The President of the Branch talked with them and exchanged information. I am so excited!!! AND! I went to Primary with little ones and there were so many children!!! Like fourty of them. And they conducted the entire primary only in Spanish. It was so good for me!!! Life is good. 

So point of my life, missions continue for forever!!!! 

I am so happy. 


Friday, July 24, 2015

hi oh my gosh! so this is kinda cool

but im not / very good at tryping on it right now. WOuldn't it be interesting if we typed wihtout using the backspace? 
I had a second grade teaacher at the scvhool I went to tahat did not allow his studnts to erase anything when they wrote. he didnt   It wasn't that he didnt want them to fix their mistyakes and mimprove, but he wanted to teahc them to not make the mistakes in the tfirst placce and to allways devote energy and attentkon to what they were doing/.

ASo hopefully you can read that, okay, awesome. 
- scheridian (spelled my own nake wrong, waesome) 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Preach It

It is a serious thing... to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship. . . . it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics.  There are no ordinary people.  You have never talked to a mere mortal.  Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations—these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat.  But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, . . . everlasting splendors.  Next to the blessed sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses. C. S. Lewis

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The World is Your Campus

I love my dad. He always says the most witty things! Though it takes me sometimes a few years to catch on..... Or as he would say, it takes me "two times half that long".

When he dropped me off for college at BYÜ freshmen year, he took me to the sign that says, "The world is your campus." As I read the sign my heart raced with excitement and anticipation, thinking that the world can really be my campus. But quickly my dad jolted me awake from my day dreaming by laughing while saying, "but for now, the campus is your world, and get used to it because you won't be leaving it soon." 

Haha. Well, as true as "the campus being your world" feels when you are stuck in the center of campus, buried in homework, the world has been a campus for me more than I could have expected beginning my freshman year. I've been on a mission, taking me to Mexico City, Mexico to prepare me to go to the far more foreign... Hehe not.... Spokane, Washington. But I will say Spokane, Washington was quite diverse. I worked with Spanish speakers from fourteen different counties, plus rubbing shoulders with people from Brumah to the Marshall Islands and everywhere inbetween and beyond. 

Well now, the world being my campus is taking on a whole new meaning. I am currently enrolled in classes at the BYÜ Salt Lake center. I'm expanding my campus world and it is so much fun!!! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Today is perfect. My niece and second cousin are up in my room playing "college". I couldn't be more proud that 1. They know I love them enough that they can mess up my room for the gazillioneth time and I still won't mind and 2. They play college! What a great thing to play!

I just love life. Isn't life just splendid? Tis it is. 

Today was a perfect Sunday! I got to teach my Gospel Principles class. Oh it is fun! The class is very diverse, so it has been interesting trying to see what their favorite teaching style is. I haven't quite figured it out but I AM SO DETERMINED TO! 

Then during the third hour the missionaries came and gave a presentation on member missionary work. I LOVED IT! They had me fill out a brainstorm list! And I was determined to put as many names as I could! I actually surprised myself with just how many people I had on that thing. I have a bigger circle then I knew! 

Today I got to also teach the Young Women's in my home ward, and oh my heavens, I loved that!!!  I was asked to share how I decided to serve a mission and how it has changed my life. BEST TOPIC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! I loved it. I so loved being able to share it with 12-18 year old. When I stood up to start talking the spirit really hit me about how important this topic is for this age group and just how much power they each hold to do so much good in the world. I may sound old saying this, but there is so much hope and goodness in the cute little rising generation! 

Besides that I have immersed myself in working! I worked every single day this week! Made me definitely ready for the wonderful sabbath day! Heavenly Father is so neat that He gives us this day of worship and rest. I don't see why some people complain against it! I worked 11 hours straight yesterday. What I love it the most is that I get to meet so many people! I love PEOPLE! I really, really, really love people! It is good to change your circle up! 

And let me tell you, I love work! I get to drive around all day, use my house finding skills from the mission. In fact, so many things from the mission help me with the pizza delivery process. But instead of bring the gospel to the homes of the people, I bring pizza, which even though it is amazing, it will never compare with the value of the gospel. Silly isn't it that people will pay for pizza to come to your door but when you offer them all the happiness (through Christ's teachings) in the world knocking on their door, they turn it down.

I am just basically really happy with life right now! I even got to use my Spanish at work yesterday! BEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! I went to deliver a pizza and a little boy opened the door with the money and what looked to be his grandma stood aloofly behind. From those clues I knew that they had to be able to speak Spanish speaking, and the grandmother must not know english and was having her grandson translate. So after introducing myself I asked the grandma in Spanish if she so spoke Spanish. The moment I ended the question her faced bursted with sunshine and relief. She looked so happy to see that she could talk to me about the money exchange. The little boy also got really, really, really, really excited and excitedly spoke to me in Spanish. There isn't a better feeling than seeing someone get so excited because you share their language. I love my life! She even gave me a tip "una propia" that I wouldn't have gotten without the language! 


Friday, March 27, 2015


I love my Savior and Friend Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that He is here for us for every moment of our lives. There are special moments in my life where I can look back and identify where He was standing by me. My constant Friend is always teaching me and helping me to become better. Because He lives, I can live to be better than who I am each day.

What has changed in you because Jesus Christ lives?

Please visit this website: He is Here

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Wee Bit of a Thang. The Fitbit.

Ever since the day I got home from my mission, my amazing running sister kept on raving about something called a "Fitbit". It is this little device that you wear all day long and it tracks healthy stuff. Real technical definition, I know. You can now applaud.

Well this little Fitbit has many options to  help someone make goals and socially connect with friends to challenge each other to reach their goals. Amy kept on telling me I needed to get one of these things but it was one-hundred bucks that I didn't have around. So I lived without one....

Until Amy gave me one only over a week ago. It is so helpful! So much more so than I ever imagined! I have goals I have made and I try to meet them each day! So, tonight after work, I cleaned a bit with the extra energy I get from work. Then I realized I was so close but so far away from reaching my goals. I ran stairs for ten minutes. I reached my steps and stair goals doing that. But I still had a half-mile distance goal difference to make. So I then ran outside at 10:10 at night in my backyard. BEST PART!!!: It was raining again! Happiness!

So, now I have introduced you to the world of the Fitbit. It is a wee bit insane.

<Recent picture from MOAB trip. Rock climbing is fun as you see just how many steps and staircases you are getting on a Fitbit>

Monday, March 23, 2015

Running in the Rain

Today, after my morning study of the teachings of Jesus Christ, I kicked my day off with a run! Breaking news! I am training for a 10k. Try telling that to my middle-school self back in the day.

I remember when the, once a year, mile run day would roll around. I would grimace just thinking about "running" a mile. In my mind I might as well have been sentenced to conquer Mount Everest.

In fact, just to prove my point I will tell you this: the day of the run my P.E. teacher said the lowest grade anyone could get on the run would be a B. I panted away from P.E. that day with a D. Two marks lower than was supposedly possible.

But guess what. This morning I ran, in the rain, and loved it! And much more than a mile. And I cut off five minutes of my pace. Now my sister has printed off a neat training program and I will be running a 10k in June.

Take that middle school me.

You will one day run a mile and LOVE IT!

<Picture below was a gaggle of wild turkeys that crossed my path along the way>

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Do You Like To Do For Fun, Emma?

This week while at work, a fellow pizza maker asked me some "getting to know you questions". He reached one that for some strange reason seems to make me stumble.

He asked, "What do you like to do for fun?"

Simple enough of a question, one would think. But not for me. It stumps me every time!

This is always what happens in my brain:

Enter question.... <WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO FOR FUN?>

Brain computing...... Answer located.


Yep. How am I suppose to say that out loud? I mean, I definitely am not ashamed of my love for school, but people want to hear things they can share with you. SO I am stuck as my brain goes along screaming school.

I answer with one word. Music. I like music.

But then that leads to all new questions about what kind of music I like and I don't know how to define that either.

The one thing I do know is that I like more than what my brain gives me credit for during these "getting to know you" situations. Not too long ago someone labeled me as an appreciator. I just love loving things. I think it is true too! I don't usually let people label me, but I will take that one.

I appreciate so many things! I am a good seeker, Article of Faith 13 explains it perfectly. I want to fill my life with PRAISEWORTHY things. That is what I am going to do for the next few months, come here and share with you all the good things I am seeing in the world!

Hopefully along the way my brain can realize I like more things than school and music!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Evergreen Soul

Why hello,

Fancy meeting you here! 
Well, I have been home for just under two weeks, and may I say I already am eternally grateful for my mission. Every moment where I am about to begin panicking about the future, Heavenly Father's marvelous love sends resolutions my way. Things keep falling perfectly into place. 

I took a stroll to my church building today. Overwhelming I was caught up with just how much I am in LOVE with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I could stand on any rooftop and simply rejoice. I've been irreversibly changed. 

My soul will forever be evergreen, all due to my walk with Christ in the evergreen state! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015



   Here I am, at the same library I sent my first words to you from Washington!  Funny how the Lord can take us so far in drawing us closer to Him without us leaving one city! Though I have lived in the same city, traveling the same streets, so much has changed in my life. What a journey it has been!

I have made the best of friends.
Between all my amazing companions, the missionary minded members, and all of God's children He gave me time to spend with, I have made connections that will last for the eternities! I have come to completely and absolutely LOVE the people. 

I have made the best of memories.
I will never forget all the miracles I have seen! Every single day has been a miracle. From the best times to the times that really tested my strength I have been grateful for every single moment. I understand more than ever before the strength of the Savior in my life and the difference He is making in my life. The most amazing thing to me is seeing how God's hand has been working in my life and the lives of those around me. It is absolutely amazing how He just perfectly coordinates it all! There might be much opposition, but He is so much greater! I have watched Heavenly Father heal broken homes. He gives an eternal hope and promises that families are forever. I have had some of my most powerful moments in all kinds of places. I have taught on doorsteps, on corners, and in gas stations. I have visited families, in their homes, that I will love forever. All has been so beautiful and I can't wait to always be sharing it with you! 

The Lord has started to help me make the best of me.
The best part is that this journey has started. My mission is memorable beyond belief, but it isn't the end. It is just the beginning that Heavenly Father knew I needed! I can't explain just how perfect this mission has been for me! I am grateful for all the things the Lord has taught me. 

I love this Gospel with all my heart! I know His teachings are available to us so we can find happiness. I know that families are forever and are so important to Him.  

I cannot begin to explain just what my mission has meant to me. It has been my walk with Christ, but I am not going to end this journey upon leaving Spokane. I have started on a new path, a higher path, a path of true discipleship and I can't wait to continue walking with Him everyday of my life! To walk with Him and do His will is all that I want.   

Love, Hermana Emma Rose Phipps





(Everyone calls her that because she looks like
Sam from a TV show called I-Carly)



BY THE WAY... I am going to read the Book of Mormon in 42 days!!
You should all do it with me! Deal?

[Emma's family is very excited to be doing things with her. Her mama has enjoyed keeping this blog up for her while she has been serving in the Spokane Washington Spanish Speaking Mission. As I type this, we (Emma's father and mother) are in Spokane. We will be hugging Emma in less than three hours and cannot wait to see her again. We have been invited to a Testimony Meeting for those leaving the Mission and a Dinner at the Mission Home. We feel honored to be here. We know it will be a new sacrifice for Emma as she sacrifices the Mission Field to return home to her family. All of us cannot wait to hear more of Emma's experiences!] 

Emma's Welcome Home will be on February 8, 2015
at 1 pm in the Brigham 23rd Ward Chapel
620 North 300 East Brigham City
You are welcome to enjoy a light luncheon with us at Emma's home:
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[On January 5, 2015, Emma sent the following]

Temple p-days are the craziest! 
I only had 20 minutes to email so I am forwarding the email that 
Hermana McDougal wrote to her family.


   Hello Everyone! Time flies by, the transfer is almost over too!! And there will be changes, because Hermana Phipps will be heading home.  Because of short time this week, sadly I won't be able to tell you a whole lot of all the craziness that happened. Its been a week of miracles and not such great things, both ends of the spectrum. We had a miracle happen this week in that our new investigator Ashley came to church!! And she loved it! Leo and Coralia and Leonel came as well, and so we had 4 investigators at church which was awesome and an answer to a specific prayer, which was a big testimony to me that God always answers, especially when we specifically work towards something (in his own will and time of course), but He is definitely in the details of our lives. We had another little miracle, we were able to contact a new Spanish speaking family! They pulled into the driveway just in time for us to talk to them, and she was very nice and accepting. That was another answer to a prayer. 
   Then I spent a day and a half in bed sick with the flu, that was an adventure. But we ended up with a new investigator out of it, so hey, if it works, it works right? 
   But the thing I have learned most this week is that I've learned even more about how to recognize the spirit, when I feel it and especially when I don't. Often times we are like the fish surrounded by water, without recognizing we are even in it. We are feeling the spirit, but don't even notice it, until we aren't feeling it. And the trick is to get rid of whatever it is that causes the spirit to leave as fast as possible. So I've learned even more what little attitudes or behaviors make the spirit leave, and have thus learned more about how to be directed by the spirit in small and simple things. The spirit will always move us to progress, to move forward, to try new things, to overcome old habits, and to be closer to our Heavenly Father. Those things which move us back, stop our progress, or even encourage us to stand still are not of the spirit. Fear, doubt, envy and pride, are a few that I've learned really hinder that guidance from God. What an amazing blessing, to have a member of the Godhead with us always, as we strive our best to live worthy of His guidance. Little by little, I learn more every day about how to receive and act in His way. 
Hope you all have an amazing week! 

I hope you love Hermana McDougal's email!!!!