Monday, August 17, 2015


Here we go!

Today was the first day of RA training for fall. Wow. This is so much fun! I have been loving every moment. This is the best job in the universe! #reslife for life!

I got to make the flyer that will be sent to all the residents for Helaman halls! That was fun!


Just random thinkings.
Each day I have the chance to maintain me, change me, and basically create me. SO that is what I am striving to do each day! In my maintaining, look to Christ. What talents has He giving me that I should keep the same and grow with? Change me. What things would Christ have me give to Him, in order to put my life more closely inline with His. Then there is creating. It is my job to be anxiously engaged in the cause of creating myself, but surely be ready to be molded by the Master's hand.

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