Sunday, August 9, 2015


What a week.

Oh man. I have abandoned this site. But you did get a good hello from my floor friend Scheridan! I love her.

Well, I have had a wonderful week! SO much so it will make up for my absence from the last few months. My work keeps me going 24/7... but I am getting the swing of things. #2monthslater


I have felt so much love this week! I love all the people I have in my life right now. But that is besides the point. On Monday it rained, really, really, really hard. So after being soaked I dressed in my favorite Spokane-ish outfit, hence my reindeer outfit below! We sat on some random persons tandem bike. And cleaned up after party from a dance we had three days prior. Best way to kick off the week!

I also went to the temple with my fellow coworkers. I love that place! Just like everyone says, it provides peace like no other place can. It also gives me resolution. I love the house of the Lord. 

Here are some of my most favorite people in the world, gathered for one picture. Most of the people in this picture, and by most I mean all but myself and one other friend, belong to the Wheatley program here. They are all students whom were accepted into BYU but choose to go to other school. They were then invited to come for the summer, with their housing, tuition, and food all paid for. They are the funnest people I have met! They are all so creative and easy to be around. I am so glad I am an honorary member! Really, I should just be part of the Wheatley program! I even went to their weekly class one week just because I love being with them! 

On a whim, I went to the final Roof Top Concert series here in P-Town. It was all Beadles music. Wow. All the hippie life. I was feeling it. All you need is life and political talk.

As if this week wasn't good enough with being surrounded by friends, to out the cherry on top I had time with family and missionary moments!!!!! AHHH. I LOVE LIFE!

President and Sister Mullen's welcome home reunion was this weekend! I went with Hermana Taylor and Sister Huang to the reunion. I actually got to meet lots of people! I love missions and the countless lives it changes. Just looking at the missionaries alone who went out is heart melting. 

I went for ice cream with my all time favorite nieces! I sure do love these girls! I also went to a wedding for a relative and got to see my favorite second cousins who just moved back from Oregon! They have grown up SO SO SO much. Last time I saw them was five years ago. 

Want to hear the most absolute miracle of the week?!?!? Rosie MOVED TO UTAH!!!!!!!! She Facebook messaged me telling me to call her. So I did!!! She then went on to ask me church information and how she could get in contact with the missionaries. Her cousin that she is living with s not a member and is so nice and so open! We all went to church together and it went so well! The President of the Branch talked with them and exchanged information. I am so excited!!! AND! I went to Primary with little ones and there were so many children!!! Like fourty of them. And they conducted the entire primary only in Spanish. It was so good for me!!! Life is good. 

So point of my life, missions continue for forever!!!! 

I am so happy. 


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