Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bump, set, spike

Ever imagined the day that Emma Rose would actually make her way through a volleyball game halfway decently? I hadn't either! It seemed quite novel of an idea. 

During RA training today I went to a BEAUTIFUL retreat up in a canyon behind Springville. Wow. Great day. But then the girls in the car got it in their heads that playing volleyball with any RA who wanted to would be the bestest thing to do this evening. 

Grumpy cat. 

I wasn't getting in to that idea.  In fact I promptly decided that I would forfeit the oportunity and work on what ever is on my forever list of things to do. But then I went to dinner and everyone assumed I was going.... So... I ended up in my room minutes before time to go complaining to dad how I just didn't wNt to play. 

But then I went. And something happened. I play pretty okay-ly. I don't even know..... It was so strange!!! Weird not being the laughing stock. 

Pues, es todo.

Also.... Just one of my favorite pictures from summer term. All the joys of breakfast way too early in the morning... 

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