Sunday, December 28, 2014



[On Monday December 22, 2014 Emma wrote the following:]

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Oh my heavens, I love this time of year! I have so much to catch you up on!

This is turning out to be the best transfer of my life, and it is only the first week!!! We kicked it off on Monday by having a lesson with Leo, Coralia, and little Leo at the home of the C. Lopez family. The C. Lopez family knows how to be such amazing missionaries!!! We shared the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong. At the end they all agreed to be baptized on the 17th of December! We also got to teach in a trio. Hermana Boman, Hermana McDougal and me. I love the format of trios! It was a great way to end last transfer and start anew! 

I love Leo, Coralia, and little Leo. They are so adorable and close to the Spirit. They really are taking charge in learning and progressing. It is so wonderful to be serving with them!

I love that Hermana Boman is still in the Branch. She is just adorable. She is loving her new area and doing so well in figuring things out.

I ALSO LOVE HERMANA McDOUGAL SO MUCH! Wow, she is a work horse. She has an unrelinquishing enthusiasm for the work! Also, she has an automatic love for the people. This transfer is going to be my dream come true! I couldn't ask for anything more.

Adonay is doing really well!!! ... Well, except for the fact that his family opened a restaurant an hour away and demanded that he works there for the Grand Opening. So, we haven't really had contact with him which is freaking me out! But no fears, he will be home within the next few days and we will get everything figured out. 

Rose and Julio are as wonderful as ever, but... my oh my, have they been facing about every form of opposition under the sun! To name a few of the things that have happened since they were baptized:
Anti-Mormon Literature
1 year old in the hospital for a day and a half in isolation so no visit from us!
Julio with leg pain taking him out of work
Moving across town
Their outlet caught on fire in their new home
Anti-Mormon family bothering them
Rumors that they hate missionaries spreading in the Branch (which couldn't be further from the truth, they LOVE US)! 

With all this happening, it has been a struggle helping them make it to church. It doesn't surprise me that they are getting a little tired of the opposition. I know that Heavenly Father only allows this to come their way, because they are so strong. They came to church on Sunday! They loved it and last night we had a lesson with them about the Purpose of God's Commandments, which is to give us blessings and strength! I could see the Spirit touching them throughout the whole lesson and they are completely on board. They are going to completely immerse themselves in the Gospel this week by doing every little thing they know they need to be doing. No matter what is going on around them. That means: family prayers everyday, family scripture reading everyday, family home evening tonight and attend Church activities on Tuesday and Church on Sunday.

I have Hermana McDougal to thank for her diligence. She was perfectly inspired by the Lord on how to help motivate them to remember to do these small and simple things. (Alma 37:6) We have a goal to have them completely involved in the gospel by the end of these six weeks. 

Hermana McDougal and I have a transfer motto with goals, "GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN!" And so, Rose and Julio will be coming to Church every week and Adonay will be baptized! I know the Lord's strength is on our side! 

Life couldn't be more perfect!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
Also, a BIG THANKS to all the members in the Ward who have sent such sweet tender notes. I am so grateful for every letter they write!! 

I had the most tender experience last week! I got to go fear busting (which is where we take a new missionary from right off the plane and go tracking for an hour). My companion was from Tonga and was the most adorable Sister Missionary ever!! She prayed at the end of the first lesson we taught on the street and just had tears of gratitude for the man we were visiting with. It was such a powerful moment! 

(Emma isn't tall at all, right?!?)

Hermana Phipps

Saturday, December 27, 2014



   [On December 8, 2014 Emma wrote the following. Christmas did sneak up rather quickly on her parents, here are her happenings for the month of December.]

   I feel like Christmas is sneaking up rather quickly, if that makes sense! We had the chance to watch the Christmas Devotional with our Stake and the whole meeting through I couldn't help but rejoice about how it is Christmas!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

   This week has been just so amazing! 

Three Reasons Why This Was the BEST Week I Could Ever Have Dreamed Of!!!

Numero Uno:
   Adonay is doing so so so so so so so so so well! He came back from a three week absence where he really saw God's hand in his life! He was pulled over for speeding and was taken to jail due to past speeding tickets that were not taken care of. But, he was able to come home on Wednesday. He had spent the whole time reading the Bible and he shared what he was learning with everyone he talked to in there.
   On Friday we had a lesson with him and Hermana Boman asked him an inspired question, "What are you going to do differently now in your life after this experience?" To which he immediately responded, "Be Baptized!" He walked up to President Condon on Sunday and told him that he will be getting baptized on the 31st of December. HAPPY DAY!! Adonay is really one of my most favorite people ever. I guess that makes sense since, well... because he belongs to the Lopez family. He is so excited and so determined! I can't wait until the 31st!!

Numero dos:
   On Friday, as part of the New Member Lessons, we taught Krystal about missionary work. Then we had her take us to go knock on all the houses of her friends in the neighborhood. We then told all the families of her friends about 'He is the Gift' and gave them cookies! It was so wonderful! Everyone was so excited to see Krystal! Krystal is such an amazing missionary tool!!! She would tell each of the families that she was thankful for them and then tell them that is why she came over with us! It was absolutely adorable!

Numero tres:
   Last Saturday we met a new family, and they are doing so well! All three of them came to English class on Thursday and absolutely LOVED it! Then they stayed to play volleyball after and had a blast. Then they came to church on Sunday! Right after, Leo came up to us, gave us huge handshakes and just kept on thanking us! It was Coralia's first time coming to our church. She was sick last week. But she was beaming the entire time. (This part I can hardly believe.....>) During Relief Society Coralia rose her hand and asked, "What does it take for me to get Baptized?" Everyone in the Relief Society basically cheered with excitement. Lisa, the member sitting right next to her turned and said, "Do you want to be baptized tomorrow?" Which actually panicked me, because we have only taught them once, and they need to come to church for at least three weeks and all the other testimony foundation building parts that lead up to baptism... So, I didn't want her to be all confused and think that baptism is just a whim kind of thing! But the member went on to say she was kidding and explained how to prepare to be ready. Such a great moment though! I am so excited to be serving this beautiful family!! 

Well, I cannot wait for the miracles that will be coming this next week! I wish I could just tell you all the beautiful miracles that happen everyday. I love this work! With all my heart!! Just how I love each of you with all my heart!


(Taylor, Boman, Phipps & McDougal - we think!)



Fun Story: So, on p-day, while walking downtown, I heard someone
playing a Dobro. (Is that how you spell it Dad?) Well, it reminded
me of Dad, so I decided that we needed to talk to him! He wasn't even
playing a real Dobro, it was just a guitar that he turned on its side and 
then he used a glass bottle as the slider! But we had a nice chat and he 
gave me chalk to write on the sidewalk... so I threw in an 
advertisement for the 'He is the Gift' video!! 

Love from, 
Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

[The next week on December 15, 2014 ... it was Transfer Day!!]

I AM STAYING!!! The district Elders when they went to give me my call tried to joke and say that I was going to the Valley. Not Funny!! Not Funny at all!!! Heavenly Father knew I needed this time with those whom I LOVE SO MUCH!! 

But, Sister Boman is going to the South West Area! Just like I did. This couldn't be more perfect, because I can't have her too far away from me!! I just love her! And, Sister McDougal who has been serving in the Branch is coming up here! SHE IS AMAZING! Definitely a Powerhouse! Oh, I just can't wait for the miracles that are just right ahead! I LOVE MY MISSION!! & I LOVE YOU!!
Love, Hermana Phipps

Sunday, December 14, 2014


[On Tuesday December 2, 2014 Emma wrote the following.]

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful week. I am in Awe!

Above all the countless lessons I have learned on my mission, one stands out above all. I have learned what life is like when we trust and depend completely on Our Father in Heaven. This week I have so much to share with you!

First off, I am a new Aunt! I am so excited about this. My new little nephew named Kingston Evans Shaw is absolutely adorable. I know which baby I will be running to hold right after my mission! I know families are a gift from God.

I must share the mission miracle of the week! So, for the last few weeks our area seemed to be having a new investigator drought. As a mission we have been focusing on finding, but we just weren't finding many. It was making me so nervous! Because, just as Preach My Gospel says, nothing happens in missionary work until we find. We live with sister Metcalf and Sister Johnson, two really amazing missionaries, and Hermana Boman and I went to them to see what ideas they had for us in order to be finding new investigators. Sister Metcalf thought about it for a second and then replied, "Honestly, I would pray. What better thing could you ask for than Heavenly Father's help with this."

We agreed and we began praying, and praying hard. Then Hermana Boman and I felt this sense of determination to do more of what the Mission President has been asking us to do lately. He has asked us to ask everyone we talk to each day for referrals. Somehow I had gotten into a rut where asking street contacts for referrals was so easy, but at lessons I was forgetting to do so. We knew it was in our power to be asking for referrals more completely.

Also, we walked as much as we could, talking to everyone we could, and sharing with them the new initiative Missions are doing countrywide called, "He is the Gift." There is an absolutely beautiful video that goes with it. Watch it!! (

Somehow, and to this moment I am not sure how, we ended up getting 11 new investigators this week. Heavenly Father really does help us if we only ask! Also, these new investigators came perfectly at the time we needed them.

Adonay, one of my best friends and investigators, got caught up in a tight spot. So we are praying for him and that things can get sorted out. He has faith that everything will work out! I do too. Heavenly Father just gave me a sense of peace about the whole thing.

This week we are continuing to pray and follow Heavenly Father's direction in where he would have us go.

On Saturday, we knocked on an apartment of a referral we have been trying to contact for three months now. The door opened to the sweetest little family of three. We started visiting with them and they let us in. As soon as we sat down the wife sat down and told us how they have been searching for a Spanish Church this whole month, but haven't been able to find anything. Last Sunday she broke down in tears because she could feel the difference of not going to church for such a long time. (They just moved here from Miami). She then said that God must have sent us as angels to help her find a place to go. 

So her esposo and son came to Church on Sunday! The branch loves them! They are adorable. She ended up getting really, really sick and couldn't come but we are going on a Church Tour with them today at 6 pm. I Love this cute new family!!

There are miracles everywhere! I need two more hours to write them all! But I will send pictures and hopefully that will make up for the rest.

For THANKSGIVING! SO Wonderful!! We ate at our Branch President's home. The most perfect American Thanksgiving Celebration. It was beautiful. In the middle of dinner their son turned to me and said, "Sister Phipps, weren't you here last Thanksgiving?" Sure was!! Never left!!!

Then we ate dinner with Rose and Julio. (Okay... Rosie now wants to be called Rose. It is a good name, I must agree)! BEST MEXICAN REPRESENTATION OF THANKSGIVING!





Les queremos muchisimo! A la luna y back!
Love, Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


On November 24th 2014, Emma sent the following:


This has been SUCH A WONDERFUL WEEK! I just can't help but be happy every single moment. Even when crazy things happen, I am just so filled with joy that I can't even stress. God is good. I just have this peace that everything is going just as it should. I couldn't be more on top of the world.

I can't believe I will be an Aunt again this week! Lisa, I LOVE YOU!! I can't wait to meet this sweet little guy! And hear his name! Ha ha! I am just so excited to be an Aunt again! It is the best job in the world.

The North Spokane Spanish area is doing really well! We are keeping ourselves busy, that is any missionary's dream! And the Lord is providing miracles for us daily. Lessons fall into place and when they cancel, we just happen to be at the right place at the right time for another miracle! I can't think of a single moment this week that I didn't enjoy.

Hermana Boman is such an amazing missionary! I wish I could record the times during companionship study when she shares with me what she has learned that morning. Everything she says just builds my testimony and gets me excited for the work. She knows how to perfectly bring the Spirit into every lesson. The way she teaches is bold, simple, and powerful. What would I do with out her?

This Saturday, we were asked to help with a baby shower in the church for one of our favorite members. It was such an amazing experience to be part of. So many non-members were there. The family we ate with at dinner was a family we had knocked on their door and met two months ago. They weren't really interested then, but during the evening they really opened up to us! I love being a missionary at all moments, going to a baby shower and making friends was such a great way to open hearts!

I cannot wait for the special Christmas initiative we missionaries will be doing for the next month. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I will tell you all about it next week.

Can I just tell you that I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. In the last month, I have had this unending craving to learn as much as I can about Him. During a p-day, I watched all the Bible Videos from 2012-2013 because a Sister we live with has them on a disc. Then I have been reading the Gospels in the Bible and just discovering more and more about Him. As I do, my heart just wants to be more like Him and learn more of Him. Just to think that the Son of God came to Earth for me and you is a thought that just amazes me.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Hermana Phipps

Next E-mail: I won't be emailing until Tuesday of next week! We have Specialized Training! Talk to you then.




Hermana Boman and I went to do service at a home
of someone Hermana Quinn and I did a lot of service
for when we were both in this area together. 
I was able to take a picture of the pipes Hermana Quinn
and I were asked to box in with random pieces of scrap wood.
Dad, did I do it right?



Sunday, November 30, 2014


On Tuesday Nov. 18, 2014 Emma sent the following:

SO, Yes...Here is a bit of my life up here in Spokane!

I will share with you a miracle of the week. On Friday, Hermana Boman and I put in an hour of finding. We had a goal to find one Spanish Speaker in that hour. We prepared hard and then we went out and worked so very hard. We knocked on so many doors and no one was home! But we talked to everyone we saw and invited people on the street to be Baptized. We asked everyone we met who they knew that spoke Spanish, but we were having no success. So then I just said a quiet prayer that we could find the one! Time went by and we had a meeting to go to so we started walking to the car. Hermana Boman and I still had our eyes peeled for the Spanish Speaker we were looking for. Then when we were about a block away from our car, a man drove by us. We waved and as we waved we realized that he was a Spanish Speaker. We both waved even more excitedly! He didn't stop, he just kept driving down the road and Hermana Boman and I burst out at the same moment saying that we need to talk to him. But he was gone! SO... Hermana Boman said a Faith filled comment that we would see him again one day and he would remember how excitedly we waved at him.

We were then about 10 yards away from our car when a car stopped in the middle of the road and rolled down the window. It was the Spanish Speaking man we had waved at! He had driven for about two minutes and then turned around and decided he needed to talk to us!!! He had stopped in the middle of the road and cars were stopping behind him. After learning that we spoke Spanish too, he pulled off to the side of the road. We got his information and he promised to come to Church!

I love how Heavenly Father answers prayers. Last week Krystal told us how she prayed to find something and then she was able to find it. Isn't it amazing how the Lord helps us? Everyone of us has had this lost and found experience! I know Heavenly Father answers prayers! From a young age and for the rest of our lives, He is ready to help us in any moment of need!

Keep Praying Always!!
Love, Hermana Phipps









All the Sisters in our Branch wore Christmas Sweaters
on Sunday!! ... Branch Unity!!

Sister Geiger lives in the English Ward that attends our building. 
She took this lovely picture of me and Sister Taylor at a
Stake Barbecue.  Ha ha, I guess I was caught enjoying my lunch!
But, I LOVE Sister Geiger! She give the BEST of hugs and
is always so thoughtful and concerned for others!




The past two months, Emma's mother and father have had four surgeries between them, which has made them a little slow keeping up on Emma's Blog. But Emma has been doing great things and we are back up and going again.
Emma's release date is January 26, 2015 and please 
Emma's Welcome Home will be Sunday February 8, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. 
Brigham City 23rd Ward Chapel - 300 East 600 North Brigham City
A luncheon will be held before the service at Emma's home at 11:30 a.m.
Emma's home address is 357 E 765 North Brigham City, UT 84302 

On Monday November 10th Emma sent the following:

Hello Everyone!

I am loving this transfer Most Completely!!!!!

Okay,... So I have been trying to send all the pictures I have promised to send people since my camera was in a members car and so I used all my time doing that and now I only have 15 minutes to write. I am so, so, so sorry. But here is a run down of some of the miracles we saw this week!

Rosie and Julio are so amazing. Even with the move, a cold hitting the whole family, and doctor appointments, they know how important it is to be reading the scriptures. Rosie called us on Friday because she hadn't read for three days and asked that we come by and read with their family to help them get recommitted! Isn't she amazing?!

So, as a mission we are working on contacting and following up with our progressing investigators everyday! I love it. But on Saturday, we had kind of hit a wall with two of our investigators. One just wasn't ever responding to us and the other one responded to our last two texts with, "?". Yes... just a question mark. But we knew we needed to contact them so Hermana Boman and I, during our get ready hour in the morning whipped up a batch of cookies. While driving to their homes, I commented to Hermana Boman that cookies give me courage to do anything! The cookies brought such great miracles! When we gave the cookies to Carlos he responded in the best way. We didn't even have to ask him any following up questions, because, upon seeing the cookies he just went straight into the following-up by himself. He told us he hadn't read Alma 32 yet but would do so that evening! He even promised to try his best to come to Church! YEA for COOKIES!! 

I love the inspiration that comes from the Spirit as we weekly plan! We had planned on doing a reading visit with Carmen and Luis. When we went by, she sat down and told us that she was on page 62 in the Book of Mormon!!!!! WOW! That is the farthest I have seen anyone get in three weeks while on my mission. Talking about the Book of Mormon was just what she needed also! She had really good questions and we can see that she is reading for understanding and praying to know it is true. She even testified that she knows that it is true! So Wonderful! 
Miracles are Everywhere! I am so Happy! I LOVE this Work!!
Write me emails...or Letters!
Love, Hermana Phipps

This is a Picture of our Favorite Spanish Speaker.
They attend an English Ward with a member's family.

Be prepared to receive LOTS of Photos today!!!

The Sisters in our Zone got together and spray painted pumpkins!
It was so much fun.
We went to the beautiful Manito Park!


See the people in the top left corner above Hermana Boman?
We got their phone number -- they are Spanish Speakers!




It was good they enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather!
Before long, Arctic Air came down from Canada and brought 
lots of Winter Cold!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!!! Best time to be a missionary, if I may say so myself. Everyone is just so family focused and everyone feels the need to have Christ in their lives. As missionaries, we couldn't ask for anything more.
   The best part is... I AM STAYING IN THE NORTH!! Yea, all my deepest wishes have come true. I am so happy. And I get to be with my bestie Hermana Boman too! Life couldn't be sweeter. With what happened the last few days I think we would have revolted if we both didn't get to stay in this area.
   Halloween was lots and lots of fun! But I have some slightly sad news,... mostly sad for me, I still haven't gotten my camera from our member's car. :( Soon though, very soon! We had 7 appointments set up at the beginning of the day! It was loads of fun! We ate at a members house and their food was scary! It looked like real human beings! It was almost disturbing to eat... as you will see in the pictures next week. We also got to do lots of service on Halloween. I absolutely love service!
   On Saturday, we had an appointment set up with Adonay. That night was the best ever! When I walked into the house Krystal nonchalantly announced that Javier and his whole family were there visiting from Seattle! OH HAPPY DAY!! It had been far too long since I had last seen Javier. He has been going to church out in Seattle and the Sister Missionaries have been meeting with him. His family is now meeting with the missionaries too! I am so proud of him. He is doing so well. He is also just glowing with the Spirit. It was so nice meeting his whole family. They are all so lovely! They came to church yesterday also, and they seemed to LOVE it. I love my MISSION!!
   After saying Hello to Javier, we met with Adonay and Norma. It was such a wonderful moment! We read part of "The Family, A Proclamation to the World" with them and talked about eternal marriage and the temple. Adonay said, "I know! I am so excited to go into the temple in a year and be sealed to my family!" We reminded him how he needs to be a Baptized Member for a year first before entering the Temple to be sealed and he said, "How about this... I promise to get sealed just over a year from now if you two promise to be there!" That is one promise I am so excited to have made him! {Add EXCITING HAPPINESS OF GREAT JOY AND SUNSHINE, I AM SO HAPPY!} Mom and Dad, it looks like I am going to stay very connected with Spokane! Which is A-Okay with me! He is praying to know what day to be baptized. I feel it is just right around the corner. The Lord really is leading Him and he is fully aware of it.
   We also got to help our beautiful, wonderful, dear Galindo family move into their new house. It has been so delightful! The Galindo family are our Eternal Best Friends! I love them oh so much. I could never truly explain it.
   On Sunday I sat in the very back left corner of the church pews. The Galindo family sat right next to us. The two pews in front of us were crammed with the entire Lopez family and Javier's family. As I sat there in that little corner, a flash of a million memories ran through my mind. Being in my favorite Spanish Branch for these last 10 transfers have been amazing. So many things have happened! I am taken away by the beauty of it all.
   All the testimonies that day seemed to be based on Temples, which was perfect for Adonay and Norma. What I didn't know was that it was even more important for Rosie to hear this at that time. Rosie was the second to last member to bare her Testimony. The Spirit flooded the room the moment she began. She quoted her favorite scripture (1 Nephi 1:14). My soul was just so at peace as she bore powerful testimony. But in the middle she went on to tell something she hadn't told anyone besides her family. She is facing thyroid cancer and will begin treatments this week. The moment she explained this my heart became all worried. But as her testimony continued, I could feel the peace and strength she was feeling and I felt like I had no need to fear either.
   President Condon, after the meeting pulled me aside and said two things that gave Hermana Boman and I so much relief. First he said, "Rosie is pretty lucky when it comes to the kind of cancer she is facing. If I had to pick a line for which cancer I had to get, I would jump right into the thyroid line." She is so strong, she is going to pull through this without doubt. Then he went on to say something that was an answer to a question that has been nagging me my whole mission. He said, "When we wonder why bad things happen to us, just as we are making such good decisions in our lives, we have to be careful that we are looking at it in the right way. God doesn't send these things as punishments or an unneeded obstacle. That wouldn't make sense. He allows it to happen, by His merciful and loving understanding, just at the moment we will be most prepared to overcome the hard things." Rosie now has the endless blessings of the Gospel and the support of the ward to help her through this. Isn't Heavenly Father so amazing? He prepares the way for us to overcome all things.
   I want each of you to know that Heavenly Father is so real. He is gently watching over every single detail of your life. Even though I don't understand how He does it, I have a complete understanding that he does do it. That is all I need to know. He is arming you in every moment with the things you need to succeed and get across even the hardest mountain ranges. I know that Heavenly Father wants to give us everything we need to overcome trials. We are never left alone. I am most certain that I am never left alone. Heavenly Father gave me you. He gives me each day the tools I need to go forward in Faith and do His work. How amazing is He?! I just hope I can give more and more of me to Him each day.

Hermana Emma Rose Phipps
[Sent on November 3, 2014]   

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


[Emma sent this on October 30, 2014 while I (her mom, Mary), was in the hospital.  It is time to catch up... the good news is there are no more surgeries planned for me so I can keep up with Emma's Blog! YEAH!!]

Sad Story... I had so many pictures to send, but I left my camera
in the back of the car of the member whom we rode to the Temple with.
But... Hermana Boman has some pictures I want to forward to you.
I will send the rest on Monday.

Emma enjoying the Flowers of Fall 
Manito Park in Spokane, Washington!

   Last P-day, we went to Manito Park and spray-painted pumpkins with patterned tights over them. SO MUCH FUN! Manito Park is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Pine trees and ROSES, what more could I ask for? I LOVE WASHINGTON!! I have cute pictures of the pumpkins, you can expect to see them on Monday! :) While there, a family of Spanish Speakers was walking around. We talked with them and got their numbers. They are so adorable! It is so fun to find Spanish Speakers everywhere I go. 
Mission Life Is Wonderful!!

   This past week was Jam Packed!!
   On Sunday we had a lesson with our Branch President and asked him and his wife to pray for three of our investigators. Wow, their prayers sure do work. As the week went by the miracles just kept coming for each of these families.

   The first person we asked him to pray for was Carlos. On Tuesday we went to a lesson with him and as we sat down he went straight to telling us how much the Book of Mormon is connecting with him. He told us that it feels so familiar and he just loves reading it. He then asked us all the steps he needs to take to be part of the Church! This is the second lesson we were having with him. Hermana Boman and I had made it our goal to invite him to be baptized on a certain date. Going into the lesson, for some reason I was nervous about it. But I had no need to be nervous. Whenever I think I have reason to fear, Heavenly Father teaches me that there is no room for anything in this work other than FAITH! Carlos is now praying to know what day Heavenly Father wants Him to be Baptized. We suggested the 22nd of November, and he is praying fervently about it!

   The second family the Condon's were praying for was the Juarez family. They are such a miracle. During exchanges last Friday, Hermano Torres, our Ward Mission Leader came with us to visit this family for the first time. Wow, they are AMAZING! Lee is the menos activo member that we met while contacting near his apartment a few weeks ago. He moved back to Florida temporarily, but we set up an appointment with his non-member wife Carmen. She is such a Woman of Faith. The people I am meeting here never cease to amaze me. 

   When we first met her and set up the appointment, she referred us to her neighbors. She told us it was a family of five who also wanted to come to Church with us. So, we set up an appointment with her and went to meet the neighbors. But they were not home. The next Friday, we headed out to the lesson. When we got there, her family and her neighbors were all there and they were ready and waiting for us. Sister Rodgers was with me for the day and did an amazing job at Testifying! The Spirit was so strong. We invited them to all come to Church on Sunday, and they all did!!! The family that Carmen invited actually speaks Spanish and English, but the mom of the family is dating someone who only speaks English, so they chose to go to the English ward on Sunday. They went and LOVED it!! Carmen and her son Luis (the neatest 11 year old I know), loved the Spanish Branch. Everything just fell into place! At the end of the lesson, all the kids asked if they could come to Church Saturday and Sunday and Monday also!! I just LOVE their excitement!! 

   The third family that the Condons prayed for is one of my favorite families in the Branch, the Mojica family. The Mojica family is one of the three part-member families in our area. This week we saw so many miracles with them. They came to activities that they haven't come to for the longest time and they had us over for a Family Home Evening. 

We would not be having these miracles without them!!

   And I have waited long enough!!! Let's talk about SATURDAY! Adonay and Norma are married!!! And they are so adorable. Alonso walked her into the ceremony. In that moment the Spirit just tidal waved me. I know that even though Amado (the father), is far away, he couldn't be any more happier for his Beautiful Daughter! It just makes me realize how happy Heavenly Father is watching over us as we do the things he wants us to do.

   Rosie made the cakes! The most delicious and beautiful things I have ever tasted in my life. Rosie has already promised me ten times over that she will be making my wedding cake! I am just under one beautiful lucky star!! 

   It was so wonderful seeing Hermana Quinn (Emma's first companion & trainer), and Hermana Judd again. It was such a Tender Mercy!!! I love them. When Hermana Quinn first arrived at the wedding, after saying Hello, Hermana Boman and I just stood back and watched her for a good minute... ha ha. President Condon noticed us and laughed. It was just too wonderful to have her back in the Mission. They came for the wedding. 


   We think Adonay has gotten the hint that we are ready for him to be BAPTIZED! Yesterday, he walked into the house and Hermana Boman and I shouted out to him that we had a question for him. He replied, "Is it about when I am going to be baptized?" Oh my, he has caught on to us! Just kidding, he is fully aware that we are so excited for the day he gets baptized. He is so close! He told us that is the next step. 

   Last night we had a ward Trunk-or-Treat activity. So many miracles were there too! We had six families come! The Lord really is getting things to move. I need to keep pace!! 

   Well, I love you all SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!     ~Love, Hermana Phipps

PS... Transfer calls are this Sunday! I can't believe it is that time again!

PSS... Oh dear family, thank you so so so so much for the care package. I love receiving a bit of home! Also, so silly of me, I haven't even mentioned the Galindo family! They are doing SO SO SO SO WELL! Aleah took part in the Primary Program on Sunday. Most adorable thing of my life!!! They are moving right to where we spend most of our days and we are the happiest missionaries in the world! Heavenly Father sure is amazing at orchestrating things! 

Speaking of music... look up the group "Lower Lights." My last few companions have had their music and it is just so so so so good! We don't have the album, 'Hymn Revival #2' but hopefully one day I can get it. I think Jon Phipps would really enjoy their Christmas Album.

So, so, so, so, ... good-bye for now!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


[On Monday October 20, 2014 Emma sent the following.]

Hello Everyone!
This week just flew by!
I will give you a quick day by day overview of my week. It was WONDERFUL!!

We taught English class. Right now our most constant students are a recent convert Cuban named Osvaldo and Estela, a Colombian born Mexican. On Tuesday the class was HILARIOUS! Osvaldo and Estela kept on giving us different words in Spanish for words we were teaching them in English. The Cuban was really loud and persistent that his Spanish was the correct Spanish. Estela just laughed and hinted that if you ask any other Spanish speakers in Spokane, they would agree with her because they most likely are from Mexico (which isn't exactly true... we are finding people from all over the Spanish globe lately). It is so much fun as we get to hear all kinds of different versions of Spanish!

After that we ran to a lesson with Carlos! Our favorite Marina Lopez and her "just-off-the-mission" son came with us to teach the Restoration. Marina and Noel, her son, were the perfect fellowshippers and made all the difference in the lesson! At one part Noel turned to Carlos and asked him if he believed there should still be prophets today to which Carlos replied, "Yes, there should be! God would still want to guide us right?" Then we got to tell him he was SO RIGHT! And that there are Prophets on the earth. The Gospel just makes sense!!

At the end, people walked in and the lesson was getting rather distracted, but Hermana Boman and I were determined to not leave that lesson without inviting Carlos to be Baptized. It really shows the sincerity and desire of a person. Hermana Boman, amongst the distraction, got the lesson back on track and whipped out such a powerful invite, to which he said YES! I could just feel the Spirit! All through the lesson, Carlos said, "I want to keep learning!" That is beyond fine with us! The only thing is he might be switched to the YSA Ward this week, depending upon what he prefers... Good thing is... the sisters we live with are the YSA sisters, so we could get play by play updates. THE ELECT JUST CAN'T BE BEAT!!

We stopped to see Yolanda, someone we were teaching last year who is in LOVE with the Book of Mormon. She let us right in and told us that she still reads the Book of Mormon every night while her children are sleeping. She then told us, "You two always come right when I tell God I need you." I love moments like that!

We ate with our favorite Spanish speaker who attends an English ward! She makes the most flavorful food in the world! That dinner just reconfirmed to me that I LOVE the Spanish culture with all my heart and it is just the biggest blessing that I get to be part of it! I am just too blessed.

Also, we got to go to a Relief Society activity all about Family History! The Mission is REALLY focusing on Family History right now and so this week we were asked to go on Family Search and try all the neat things they have on there. MOM AND DAD... Coolest thing ever. They have a link that you can click on and read trail excerpts of pioneer ancestors! In fact, let me share my favorite pioneer story that I found this week! It is hilariously scary!!

Okay,... I couldn't find the link to it, but it was so funny! I printed it off so I will just send a copy of it home!

We had a really good lesson with Jorge. He has such good desires... Now we just need to help him ACT on them! He will. The Branch is focusing on helping him ACT also, so together we can do this!

So, remember little miss Lola? The cutest little girl who fell in LOVE with the Book of Mormon? Her grandpa Steve got baptized on Saturday!!!! I was the first missionary to teach him!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING! All the missionaries in the Branch sang together at his Baptism! It was a beautiful moment.

The Elders brought some investigators to the Baptism and Rosie came to. During the service one of the investigators turned to the Elders and said, "I feel like crying and I feel like I have goose bumps all over." Rosie was sitting with us in front of this family and we all heard her say it. After the meeting, Rosie did the most amazing thing ever. She turned back to the investigator and said, "Remember how you said you wanted to cry? That is the Spirit and He is telling you that this is right!" Could Rosie get any better?!

We visited some of the youth in our area to do a lesson with them to make sure they are living the commitment Elder Anderson extended to them in General Conference. He invited all youth to read Joseph Smith's History and to pick scriptures and share them with others. After that invitation from an Apostle, I made sure I read the Joseph Smith History again. Oh, I just love that part of the scriptures! The spirit always hits me so strong!!!! I have already seen the blessing of reading it. Randomly we have had lots of people having opposition against Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But, because I have been working on Elder Anderson's invite, my spirit and testimony couldn't help but burst with joy and help others resolve their concerns. It is neat! It just reminds me that our testimonies are not meant for ourselves. They are meant to strengthen others. The bible says, "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." Sorry, that was paraphrasing... But It Is SO TRUE!

Warning! Next week I won't have P-day until Thursday, because I get to go to the Temple! :) So, write me some letters so I can last the week!

So, that was my week! I love you all so so so so so so so so so much!! Enjoy my picture from last Sunday when we made the yummiest and biggest milk shakes ever!! HAPPY DAY!



Wednesday, October 22, 2014


On October 14, 2014 Emma wrote the following:

HELLO! I honestly don't know why I titled this email that way... but it just seemed to fit the sky that I can see outside the library windows.

Sorry for not emailing yesterday! We had a Special Training with the Mission President. We got to have a special treat too! We watched Meet the Mormons. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Be sure to WATCH IT!! The Candy Bomber just might be my all time favorite person ever.

LOTS happened this week! So, I will be writing like a whirlwind!!

I can testify that Heavenly Father is guiding us every step of the way. I am so thankful because I wouldn't know how to do this work without him. Hermana Boman and I have been focusing these last few transfers on finding, so each day when we have extra space during weekly planning we put in a finding focused activity for an hour. This has been one of our most productive and miracle making hours of the day! Last week the thought came to us to visit a random apartment complex in a part of the town we haven't really ever touched. We put it in our plans, then on Tuesday we went there!

We got some referrals for the Marshallese Elders while we were there and talked to some other people about Family History. Then while walking, we ran into someone else who looked Marshallese. We went up to talk to him and to our great surprise, he was Spanish speaking! His name is Lee and he was playing with his absolutely adorable little girl outside just at the perfect time for us to run into them. What a miracle! So we talked to him and the miracle just kept on getting better and better!

So we began talking about the Gospel and he interrupted us and said, "You are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, right?" To which we responded, "Yes." Then he went on to tell that our church has congregations where he lived in Mexico and also in Florida. He moved here to Spokane just under a month ago. He then went on to say that he loves our Church and had spent hours looking for where our Spanish Branch would meet here in Spokane, but was only finding addresses for churches in Mexico!

That is what I absolutely love about Heavenly Father! He helped us find him in the moment he was looking for the Church! He went on to tell us he is a Baptized member, but hasn't been for years, but he wants it for him and his family. Hermana Boman went and visited his family again during exchanges and she met his adorable wife and 13 year old son who are not members. We have an appointment set with them for when they return from a trip they took this week!

Then on Saturday, we had a visit with one of the neatest people I have met on my mission! A Russian speaker we met on the street helped us find him! His name is Carlos and he is from Chile! He is really such a nice guy and he knows lots of Spanish speakers that we know and love. We talked about the Book of Mormon with him and invited him to come to Church. HE CAME, without hesitation! We have a visit planned with him tonight and we can't wait!

THEN... Listen to this one! Long story short, Sister Metcalf, an AMAZING Sister Missionary we live with shared the miracle we had with Adonay with her brother last week. Her brother has connections with Elder Gavarret. Elder Gavarret is now going to CALL ADONAY this week!!!! We told Adonay the news and he was so excited! We were shaking with excitement too!!

It is so neat to see where the Lord takes us. These few stories have just made my testimony even stronger that the Lord is in the details of our lives!!

The Galindo family are as dear to me as ever!!! Keep them in your prayers, please! Being a recent convert is a hard transition and there is definitely opposition. But Hermana Boman and I are prepared to do whatever we need to do in order to make them the strongest they can be!

Hermana Phipps


On October 6, 2014 Emma wrote the following:

Hello Everyone!
   I am just so happy! General Conference this weekend just filled me with happiness! I Love Heavenly Father and His words that we were able to hear this past weekend. Isn't it special that those words are just for us? I know I received specific words just for me!
   Last night we went to an appointment with someone we had just found. As we were visiting him, the lesson was going no where. He wasn't listening and it just broke my heart! It broke my heart because, just hours before, Apostles and Prophets were speaking to us for our day. Their words helped me understand the blessing I enjoy to know Restored Truths. I just wanted him to know that Christ's absolute truth was on the earth! But understanding takes time and an open heart. Hermana Boman and I walked away with an increased determination to find the elect! There are prepared people searching for Restored Truth! I am so grateful to be here and working to find those people!

Speaking of the elect...

Let's just look at the absolutely ADORABLE texts Rosie sent us during Conference. (Translated into English.)

US: "Were you able to find the website to watch General Conference? We don't want you to miss a second of it!"
Rosie: "A German pilot is speaking right now, right?"
Even if I wasn't watching Conference, we all know who she was talking about... Elder Uchtdorf.

A half hour before the next session started, we texted her to remind her it was about to start and she said, "I know :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!" Yes, I counted the exact number of smiley faces!!

Then after the second session she said, "It isn't over is it? This is the best experience of my life!"

We actually got to watch a session with her! That means I watched another session in Spanish! Whoo! She was just beaming the entire time.

After Conference we went to the Lopez home to see how watching conference went for them. Sadly, right at the beginning of the morning Sunday session their internet timed out. Grrrrrr! We even texted them to see if everything was working, but they thought it was going to work again so they didn't mention that it wasn't working and just told us it was all good. But no fears! When we went over Adonay pulled out his laptop and we showed them how to watch the recordings. We actually watched the talk by Elder Gavarrett with them to help them keep their commitments!

The Spirit was SO STRONG! He was the first Spanish speaker to give his talk in Spanish, and oh let me tell you, that talk is perfect for Adonay. It hit him really hard! He said that while listening to it he felt like God was speaking right to him. He promised to quite drinking coffee on the spot and to pray to know what day to be Baptized.

I am just still so in LOVE with being in the North again.

I loved all the Conference talks. I cannot wait for the moment when I can print out some of my favorite talks and search them and receive all the guidance I can from them. I can't wait until mom sends me my own copy and then it will become my favorite study friend!

And, I love each and everyone of you SO MUCH!!
     ~Love, Hermana Phipps

We didn't mean to hide... but it makes for a funny picture!



   We were doing a Finding Activity when the sweetest lady from a small country by Nepal and India led us to her apartment and into her house so we could talk to her son! They come to English Class now! They have such an amazing story and I will have to tell you about it next week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IT'S A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!

[Message from Mama Phipps who keeps up the blog. I had a full hip replacement three weeks ago and fell behind on Emma's Blog. So sorry! I will put three weeks in now. On Monday October 27th I go in for a knee replacement and may be out again for awhile. Please understand. I love all that is happening to Emma right now and will post it all as soon as I am able!]

On September 29, 2014 Emma wrote the following:
I have so much to say, so much to rejoice about, 
so much to share with you!
Where can I even begin?!?

   On Saturday, Rosie and Julio were baptized! {M I L A G R O}!! On the Friday before the baptism Rosie turned to us and said, "Remember how I asked you during our first visit how can I really know God has forgiven me of everything? I realized the answer! I will know tomorrow. I will feel all fresh and new tomorrow, after my baptism and I can know without a doubt that God has forgiven me, All Tomorrow." This is the question she had since the beginning and to hear the powerful answer she received is so touching! God is so good.
   I wish I could explain just how much it has meant to me to be here. I am beyond the point of everlasting gratitude to my Heavenly Father to know the Lopez family. They have impacted me for ETERNITY.
   My favorite quote can only sum it up:
"I am perfectly, completely and incandescently Happy!!

Here is how the Baptism went:
   Last Sunday Sister Condon turned to me and said, "Are you ready for whatever this week holds? Crazy things always happen right before Baptisms." Truthfully, after the crazy things that have happened around the other Baptisms during my mission, there is reason to be fearful. But all this week I couldn't help but have faith! Heavenly Father had perfectly placed everything in order the last five weeks and I had no doubt His hand was still here to uphold us during the crucial days leading up to the Baptism. Everything went without a glitch! Really! I couldn't imagine it going any smoother. I owe Heavenly Father ten million prayers of gratitude!
   On Saturday, we got to the Church a little early to set up the room and get everything in order. Julio and Rosie came and they were just beaming! They got all ready and the members started filing in. Just the attendance at the Baptism alone shows that Heavenly Father was in charge of it all. We have never had so many people attend a Baptism. All the seats in the room were filled and they had to bring in more chairs from the side to use!
   Members kept on coming up to Hermana Boman and me saying, "It's a family! And not just any family. These two are so amazing!"
   I have never seen the ward fall so in love with investigators. I don't blame them one bit! The Spirit was so strong during the Baptism. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father was so happy for these two! During the entire service Rosie was crying. I teared up and felt like crying too! During testimony meeting yesterday nearly every member commented on the Spirit they felt as Rosie and Julio got Baptized. I AM JUST SO HAPPY!!
   This story will help you picture just how strong the Spirit had to be. When we went to perform the musical number, I could barely hold the uke, I was shaking so much! We started to sing. Krystal's voice rang loud and clear. It was such a pinnacle moment to be singing with her again at a Baptism! It sums up all I have learned on my mission. But as we sang, my voice began to die! (I am suffering from a dreadful cold that started last Friday and is still going strong today.) Ha ha!... So in the midst of freaking out about my throat and dying voice during the last chorus, I just kinda stopped playing the Ukulele... and then right after that my throat completely gave out. Yep, but then I looked at Rosie, Julio, Aleah, and Julito. Tears filled Rosie's eyes and the family all had such perfect smiles on their face. It didn't matter what happened during the musical number, it didn't matter how much my voice was gone during the rest of the service, what mattered was the Spirit was there touching all of us!
   At the end of the day, I watched a recording of the musical number. At first I was scared to see how dreadful it was. But as I watched it, my eyes teared up again. Being with Krystal again is something I will never forget to be grateful for.
   Right after the Baptism, while Julio and Rosie changed, we watched "Because of Him" and then four members of the congregation gave a 30 second testimony of Jesus Christ one right after another. With each word the Spirit just kept on building. The last one to bare his testimony was Alonso Lopez (He is the son of Leticia Lopez). He is one of the people I look most up to here in Spokane. He gave such a powerful testimony about how Because of Christ, Families Can Be Together Forever. Coming from him and his life story, that means so much! Then to end Julio and Rosie gave their testimonies. I am calling for another request, that angels have recorded their words! I want to read them over and over again in Heaven.
   Right after the Baptism was Women's Conference and all the women stayed and watched together with the Stake. Hermana Boman and I got to sit next to Rosie during it! SHE LOVED IT!! 
   All in all, life is amazing. There is so much to be grateful for. On Saturday Sister Taylor introduced me to a song by Hilary Weeks called "It's a Good Day."  I love it because it reminds me of what Daddy always taught me, we choose our attitude and choose how happy each day can be.  Even though this week was rather easy to be happy about I know just by the things I have learned during my mission that I have an excuse to be happy forever!!! So, it is a good day today and for always!

Hermana Phipps


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The Subject Line is quoting Hermana Boman.
This week has been so crazy! ~~
But I like the craziness! It makes things interesting...
and keeps me on my feet, that is for sure!!

This past week we were in a trio. SO MUCH FUN!! I am going to miss it! 
Life is flying by, like a blink of an eye. Weeks feel like days now!
For transfer news... I will be staying in my area with Hermana Boman. 
I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!!
Rosie and Julio's baptism is this week!
Life couldn't be better.
They are my miracle family. 
They are the ones I have been looking for, and of course,
they belong to the Lopez family!!

Sister Emma Rose Phipps
1807 W Northridge CT Apt. #7
Spokane, WA 99208-4355

   We had an FHE with Sister Chavez on Tuesday and she made us make cookies! 
They were yummy! It is fun!


On Friday, we chalked the
on the parking lot of our church!
So much fun!
Hermana Boman is such an artist!
All of the members loved it when they saw it on Sunday!

Rosie and Julio are doing so well!
They wrote their testimonies and they are so adorable!

   Krystal ran up to us this Sunday and asked if she could sing with us at the Baptism! Of course, I said yes. I think I have yet to say no to anything Krystal asks... Ha ha! Kezi, Erika and Karson and my future sabrino baby Shaw will have fun getting everything they want from me when I get home. I am more of a softy than ever before!! We will be singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" and I am going to play it on the Uke. Hermana Boman and I came up with some harmonies! This Baptism will be so BEAUTIFUL!!

   Today the President asked us to go fear busting with the new missionaries! We go tracting for a half hour just throwing the missionaries into the work! It was such a great experience! The missionary I got to go with had actually served in England for 8 months before having to come home for back surgery. So we shared her miracles in the mission. I love this World Wide Work! Then, she asked me how long I have been on my mission. I told her just over a year. She replied, saying that answer doesn't count. She wanted to know exactly. I had to take 30 seconds and count! I have been losing track! It made me realize just how close I am to coming home. It is just around the bend. 

   I am so nervous to go back! A year and a half is a long time, but I know that is why I have each one of you. I couldn't ask for a better crew to return to. Just keep me busy, okay?!

I want you to know that I know this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
I am humbled by the idea that I have the responsibility to share it. 
I know Heavenly Father loves each of you. 
He Loves our Family so much and He can't wait for us to be Together Forever. 
I can't wait either!
So, I just thought I would dedicate this email to my family...
I love and miss you all more than I could ever explain!

Love, Hermana Phipps