Friday, February 19, 2016

Today Was Cool

I went to class. And then Friday happened! 
On a scale from 1-10, today was AWESOME. 

(Or it might just be the endorphins) 

I went on my first trail run of the season! The struggle was a bit real, with tons of ice demonizing my parhway. But it was enjoyable nonetheless. Here are some pictures: 

And then I got to sit on the floor of the gymnastics meet where the broadcasting board sits. That meet was so cool to watch! I am so impressed by people (and impressed with my ability to find myself in cool places) 

Took a stealthy selfie to commemorate. 

This is EmRo

This is EmRo

She likes her hair best when it is a mess.

She would rather have twenty people in her room hanging out than having them leave when it is time for her to go to bed. 

If she is in her room and her music isn't playing, she probably is dead. 

She knows how to make horchata. 

This game of life confuses her a bit at times hahaha.

She loves doing homework with kids. #besthobbyever 

She can be either super confident and chill or awkward, but there is no inbetween. 

She eats at the MOA everyday she possibly can. 

She gets to things either really, really early or fashionably late. Also no inbetween on this one. 

That's about it. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a Working Weekend

So..... I worked four days in a row in the office. Hahaha, that doesn't sound odd for a normal job, but remember my job is anything but normal. 

Shocker or not..... This was probably one of the funnest working shifts I have had. (Though it didn't beat that one in December.................. Yeah....) 

What made it so good? Everyone was being so nice to me! Gave me ALL the free food. Help do my tasks for/with me. My roving buddy for the night left a surprise for me in each of the microwaves (inside joke where I always check all the microwaves and yell "clear" obnoxiously). Paige came and hung with me and brought me my most favorite snacks. Listened to music without end. Organized all the things. Good office times were had. 

Also..... This happened. Somehow I tied a laser (or Lazor... Because I can't spell) obstacle course into a love language test theme. Hahaha I love being able to make people do my random ideas.

Every time we roved my hall we turned on the mission impossible theme song and pulled crazy spy moves all down the hall. That was joyous. 

Oh.... And I injured myself. I put a "laser" in the easiest place to pass on my door and somehow managed to hit my head on the door jam anyways. Shocker. 

In happy new. Paige. The most epic. Bought me a birthday present!!! Yes my day of birth is still in June.... But I'll take presents any day. And it was the best present to receive any day! 50 state flags for my flag club!!!! Now I'm trying too I fire out how to hang them all up. It's a feat. 

Then. Today my residents decided to try to turn me into a California homie. Okay.... This is going to be embarrassing. But here we go! 
So that was my very random but very enjoyful weekend! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dad Doesn't Want Me To Move To Harlem

And Sister Quinn said it would be too loud.... Whatever that is suppose to mean....

But I am still convinced that I want to. So in five years we see who wins this bitter battle.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


This Sunday morning I get to reflect on the opportunity my family and I had to visit the Provo City Center Temple. My, that beautiful building had me thinking of grandma. 
So I have found the most.... intriguing (yeah that word works).... music to listen to on Sunday. Josh Garrels. He sings gospel music that has an old time feel. 

Gospel songs sing the greatest truth. Here is a truth I'm learning today. 

"A lesson in love is the hardest thing 
You and I will ever learn 
Cause our hearts are so shy"

But by reflecting the love of Christ we can learn how to love in the most pure way. As the bible reads, For perfect love casteth out all fear. 

"We're walking on a thin string 
But I know the Lord got the whole thing in His hands....
Together we can make our way home"

So here's to gospel songs and understanding that love of Christ will never fail.