Saturday, August 29, 2015

I have never....

... Been in a car crash. 

That is until today. 

First time for everything right? 

Let me get the important things cleared up. Phin is fairing pretty well. He took a good hit to the left bumper, but he took it like a champ!! At the same time as my accident two other accidents happened around us. Mini end of the world moment!! But all is well. My car is out of commission for me for the week. But my mom gets to use it and just when she needed it too! Indiana Jones, the earth quaking family truck died ironically today also! So my mom took my car to get it all bandaged and healed and to have a ride home. 

It was a miracle that my car wasn't hurt as bad as it easily could have been. I am blessed. 

Friday, August 28, 2015


Tonight I went on an adventure by myself. I visited the temple-to-be in Provo's city center. For the last fifteen minutes I watched couple after couple make their way to the front of the temple to pause for a moment and admire its beauty. I hope that they understand that this beautiful edifice is for them, especially to receive the highest blessings Heavenly Father has for them. 

This morning I was reading in DC and "found" a scripture I hadn't recognized before. It reads, (DC 109:24) We ask thee, Holy Father, to establish the people that shall worship, and honorably hold a name and standing in this thy house, to all generations and for eternity;

As I watched the couples go by I recognized that Heavenly Father has answered this pioneer prayer for a temple loving people to be established. Now I pray that I will let the Lord establish me into one who will always be found "worship[ing] and honorably hold[ing] a name and standing in this [His] holy house."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bump, set, spike

Ever imagined the day that Emma Rose would actually make her way through a volleyball game halfway decently? I hadn't either! It seemed quite novel of an idea. 

During RA training today I went to a BEAUTIFUL retreat up in a canyon behind Springville. Wow. Great day. But then the girls in the car got it in their heads that playing volleyball with any RA who wanted to would be the bestest thing to do this evening. 

Grumpy cat. 

I wasn't getting in to that idea.  In fact I promptly decided that I would forfeit the oportunity and work on what ever is on my forever list of things to do. But then I went to dinner and everyone assumed I was going.... So... I ended up in my room minutes before time to go complaining to dad how I just didn't wNt to play. 

But then I went. And something happened. I play pretty okay-ly. I don't even know..... It was so strange!!! Weird not being the laughing stock. 

Pues, es todo.

Also.... Just one of my favorite pictures from summer term. All the joys of breakfast way too early in the morning... 

Monday, August 17, 2015


Here we go!

Today was the first day of RA training for fall. Wow. This is so much fun! I have been loving every moment. This is the best job in the universe! #reslife for life!

I got to make the flyer that will be sent to all the residents for Helaman halls! That was fun!


Just random thinkings.
Each day I have the chance to maintain me, change me, and basically create me. SO that is what I am striving to do each day! In my maintaining, look to Christ. What talents has He giving me that I should keep the same and grow with? Change me. What things would Christ have me give to Him, in order to put my life more closely inline with His. Then there is creating. It is my job to be anxiously engaged in the cause of creating myself, but surely be ready to be molded by the Master's hand.

Monday, August 10, 2015


One day I will be able to say:
"I have lived my life doing what I loved most passionately. I consider this a most extraordinary miracle in a world which conspires to rob us of our dreams and even our passions."
Italian Artist

Sunday, August 9, 2015


What a week.

Oh man. I have abandoned this site. But you did get a good hello from my floor friend Scheridan! I love her.

Well, I have had a wonderful week! SO much so it will make up for my absence from the last few months. My work keeps me going 24/7... but I am getting the swing of things. #2monthslater


I have felt so much love this week! I love all the people I have in my life right now. But that is besides the point. On Monday it rained, really, really, really hard. So after being soaked I dressed in my favorite Spokane-ish outfit, hence my reindeer outfit below! We sat on some random persons tandem bike. And cleaned up after party from a dance we had three days prior. Best way to kick off the week!

I also went to the temple with my fellow coworkers. I love that place! Just like everyone says, it provides peace like no other place can. It also gives me resolution. I love the house of the Lord. 

Here are some of my most favorite people in the world, gathered for one picture. Most of the people in this picture, and by most I mean all but myself and one other friend, belong to the Wheatley program here. They are all students whom were accepted into BYU but choose to go to other school. They were then invited to come for the summer, with their housing, tuition, and food all paid for. They are the funnest people I have met! They are all so creative and easy to be around. I am so glad I am an honorary member! Really, I should just be part of the Wheatley program! I even went to their weekly class one week just because I love being with them! 

On a whim, I went to the final Roof Top Concert series here in P-Town. It was all Beadles music. Wow. All the hippie life. I was feeling it. All you need is life and political talk.

As if this week wasn't good enough with being surrounded by friends, to out the cherry on top I had time with family and missionary moments!!!!! AHHH. I LOVE LIFE!

President and Sister Mullen's welcome home reunion was this weekend! I went with Hermana Taylor and Sister Huang to the reunion. I actually got to meet lots of people! I love missions and the countless lives it changes. Just looking at the missionaries alone who went out is heart melting. 

I went for ice cream with my all time favorite nieces! I sure do love these girls! I also went to a wedding for a relative and got to see my favorite second cousins who just moved back from Oregon! They have grown up SO SO SO much. Last time I saw them was five years ago. 

Want to hear the most absolute miracle of the week?!?!? Rosie MOVED TO UTAH!!!!!!!! She Facebook messaged me telling me to call her. So I did!!! She then went on to ask me church information and how she could get in contact with the missionaries. Her cousin that she is living with s not a member and is so nice and so open! We all went to church together and it went so well! The President of the Branch talked with them and exchanged information. I am so excited!!! AND! I went to Primary with little ones and there were so many children!!! Like fourty of them. And they conducted the entire primary only in Spanish. It was so good for me!!! Life is good. 

So point of my life, missions continue for forever!!!! 

I am so happy.