Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Reviewed

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! It's officially sweater weather!!!!!!!!! I've waited all summer for this!

And one of my friends new made hot chocolate. Okay fall. Sounds good. You are invited to stay. 

Why hello. Random monologue. These last few weeks, as you may know, I have had a shift of direction for life. It was a strange season. Then yesterday I found a new direction I have wanted to pursue. I found some things I never knew exisited and that matched all that I've been looking for in life. So here we go. 

The picture showcasing the moment I decided to try a different major. #herewego

I have the best of friends here!! We are working on a flag collection. We are up to four. 

Look at this beauty!!! My friend is doing the most amazing art project. She had girls on our floor fold origami and then she painted each of them with their uniqueness. How awesome is she? 

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Universe Speaks and Other Ramblings

What is this life?

This weekend has been adventurous! Like, really adventurous! I will let you know about it. Just today I went back to the Provo Latin festival. Hermana Taylor and I heard there would be ZUMBA, so of course we had to return. Well, the unexpected happened. To participate in ZUMBA you had stand in front of the a huge audience and dance on stage. I ain't got the talent for that!

But that is what we came for. So we came. We saw. We conquered.... Well not quite. But at least all the great dancers whom have it in their blood could laugh at your returned missionary attempts and latin Zumba. Picture to follow:

Then we went "downtowning" (yes I just invented that word, #patentpending) looking for some vinyl records... Which are surprising hard to find. I left center street record-less. But any who I still had lots of fun. We found an upscale DI and tried on four crazy dresses. Take a gander :)

Sorry, not sorry, that this next part might not make sense.

Have you ever felt like the whole universe is telling you one thing? Everywhere I look, everything seems to be hinting towards the same idea. It is amazing. But here is the tough part... I haven't been listening. But I just might start.

To add to the universe speaking to me, an archived email from my mom spoke to me too, saying the same thing. When I came home from my mission my email had 1,897 emails. I've been slowly trying to delete them all... Finally today I did! But whilst clicking delete on all of them, one of my mum's emails to me caught my attention. Read it here:

"Dear Emma,
I deeply enjoyed reading your answers to the Life Themes and Dreams Assignment.  I believe you have a clear understanding of the strengths you bring with you to whatever you pursue. Albert Einstein said, "I have no special gift, I am only passionately curious."  I believe many would disagree with Albert stating that he had no special gifts. We can easily see the special gifts Mr. Einstein enjoyed.  Also, we are glad he was passionately curious.  As Maddi Brooks a BYU student home from BYU for the summer said in her talk in Sacrament Meeting last week, "Too often we ignore our strengths and down play them."  I believe she is right.   That is why I like this assignment you have been given.  It helps you recognize your strengths and how you can use them to achieve something miraculous in your life and in the world.  Also, because you are wise enough to do as President Ezra Taft Benson said and "put God first in your life and everything else will either fall into place or fall away," you will be led toward those things that you should do.

You have other interests that have been life-long that you barely addressed.  Your love of Dolphins that led you to seek what you needed to do to become a Dolphin Trainer while you were still elementary school age. Then focusing on the directive that it was imperative to have good grades has blessed you to achieve that goal.  You have had rich experiences.  Teachers bring their wealth of knowledge and experiences into play as they interact with students.  Experiences like swimming with and training dolphins for a day, will be fuel to feed the minds of little ones you work with.  Remember when you met another child who did not even know what dolphins were and was having a hard time believeing they were real?  That is when I believe you began to realize how blessed you were with rich experiences.  I also advise you to continue to pursue your music.  Music is a universal connector with people.  Continue to be a person who loves to learn and loves to do your best in every endeavor and you will have much to offer the world.  Remember, "what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve," --Napoleon Hill

Finally, I know that you are motivated by a deep desire to do nice things for people and that you have a strong moral code.  Maddi also quoted Michelangelo being asked about how the carved, he replied, "I saw the angel in the marble and I just set him free."  I loved your tender concern for Brandon, your Seminary Buddy in our Special Needs class.  You connected with him and communicated with him through empathy and sign language when many were nervous helping someone who was non-verbal and wheel-chair bound.  You noticed that his eyes were his world and communicated to his soul through them.  This ability to connect heart-to-heart will take you far.  I am also delighted that you love the past, for without the ability to study and learn from the past, we are bound to make the same mistakes as those who have gone before and we would rather just build on their strengths. 

Good luck to you as you build your future.  You already have a great foundation"

Now I have plans to do just that. I will let you know shortly my great life plan! Just you wait!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

#bestday #sunday

Sunday! We meet again! Thankfully. 

I love me some Sunday. 

I think I miracle happened this morning! I landed on a direction for my life. Now just for studying it out and implimenting it. 

Enter photo of my life because it keeps bolts interesting.... 

Big puffy skirt that kinda scares me when wearing it
Latin festival in Provo. Boy oh boy I sure do miss the food!!
My floor friends are the bestest!!! 
Picture of my friends taken back in highschool. All of them are living together at USU. I guess back row is for BYU
Got the second most beautiful name tag in the world!!! First of course would be from my mission

Story time with EmRo!!

One of my friends during summer was flipping through my diary.... Cause that is what friends do, right? ;) well anywho, my friend stopped on a page tha only said, "I love foreigners." Period. Nothing else. End of journal entry. She laughed and laughed and laughed. 

But it is true! And deserves a whole page! I love foreigners! And I think this love of foreigners comes from the fact that deep down in my soul I know I am a foreigner also. This earth is only my temporary 


Friday, September 4, 2015

The Death {and Rebirth} of Emma Rose

This semester is going to be unlike any other. Let's face it, it already is. 

Top five goals: 
✌️ weekly temple time set up
✌ Be part of conexiones every week.
✌️ Play at an open mic at Velour (dollar discount #forthewin)
✌ finalize (slash figure my life out) my grad plan
✌️ viva la vida de Hermana Phipps

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


"Sometimes you just have to jump and build your own wings on your way down." 

One of my all time favorite speakers (Hank Smith, who just so happens to be my New Testament professor) quoted his dad in a post on Facebook by saying this. Wow. How powerful is that? I feel right now in my life I am not sure what I'm doing. But last night I took a jump. And I'm determined to build my wings on the way. 

P.s. I love how it says BUIlD. It easily could have said "find" but that takes away our responsibility to work for it.