Monday, December 30, 2013


Before Christmas our Branch celebrated with a POSADA, which was our Branch's Christmas Party. But it was way different than any Ward Christmas Party that I have ever been to. It was focused on investigators and the whole Spanish speaking community!!! As always, my branch is the greatest at missionary work! We had over 200 people!! We used EVERY SINGLE CHAIR in the building and had to put up more tables in random rooms. Lots and lots of miracles happened that night. IT WAS AMAZING! We are meeting people everyday and hope we can bring the gospel into as many lives as possible.


To celebrate the Season, Hermana Quinn and I treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at this place called the ONION. From the first day I came to the mission, I saw this restaurant and wanted to go. So we went! I got to have a Monte Cristo sandwich! Sad thing, Hermana Quinn and I ordered only things that are fried (I guess we were tired of all the healthy food we always eat). was kinda overwhelmingly greasy!


At the Posada the Young Men went to the Forest and cut down trees to put on all the walls of the Cultural Hall. We stole one of the trees at the end of the party and took it home. This meant we had a 35 minute car drive with the windows down in 7 degree weather, but it was so worth it. We don't have a Christmas stand, but our kitchen pot is working perfectly!! Haha! Christmas on a mission is an adventure!


At the POSADA, we enjoyed being with the Ramos family. Alicia and Michael (the 16 year old) are members, but the rest of their family is not. We saw such Amazing miracles with that family last transfer. They now are in the Elder's area and the Elders are continuing to see miracles with them!



Well, Things are amazing! I Love hearing from you! 
I hope all your holidays were wonderful!
Love, Hermana Phipps

Saturday, December 28, 2013


If you think your New Year's Resolutions are Lofty...
Try these goals!!

   We are working really, really hard to keep the goals and vision for this Mission. It takes A LOT of work to set up 3 lessons a day, make sure 4 investigators come to church, work on baptizing weekly, and 'finding everywhere.' This week they asked that to 'find everywhere,' -- we need to talk to 20 people who we have never met -- EVERYDAY (10 people for each missionary)!! I'm excited/nervous for that part. But I know the Lord is going to help Hermana Quinn and me!

   I feel that by the end of my mission everyone who reads my letters will think the only describing word I know is MIRACLES. And they might also be sick of the word because they hear it too much. But what else can I say? It is as it is!!

   We have been praying so hard to find those who are in need of the gospel. SO HARD. We have seen miracles everywhere! I feel like this week we have met more people who are opened to the message than we have had the rest of my mission. I know it is because the Lord is directing us.

      Many of the leaders here have been telling us to "Expect Miracles." At first, I thought that meant everything would go as I wanted it to! (Let me tell you, I was really wrong in thinking that). I thought the miracles would be that all the lessons we planned would go through perfectly, that people would take the steps I thought they needed to take, and that everything would be pretty easy. What I learned is that the Lord's will still really, really, really matters, which I should have known from the beginning. All the miracles I could have wished for could not be better than the miracles the Lord provided. He brought miracles I didn't think of and could never have dreamed of, but they were perfect and needed in every way. 

   I've learned a lot about how to trust in the Lord and not depend on myself. As we try to set up all these appointments and try to accomplish all these goals, sometimes I get caught up in thinking it is all dependent on me and I have to make it happen. This week I learned that I was very wrong in thinking that way. Last Tuesday, Hermana Quinn and I planned the perfect day, full of lessons and what we thought were great plans. But as the day went on, everything fell apart. All our lessons fell through. I became pretty frustrated. The next day we had no sure plans and I was feeling pretty pessimistic. I couldn't see how we could have lessons on a day where we had no great plans. Hermana Quinn was trusting though. 

   Then miracles happened. We let the Lord guide us and miracle after miracle happened and we had 3 lessons! And all of them felt like it was what we were supposed to be doing!

   *** We were told today that next month Elder Neil L. Andersen will be visiting our mission to ask us how we are doing at living up to our goals each month! It is a huge deal!! The goals are keeping us working ALL THE TIME! Which is perfectly wonderful. It feels good to be tired when you know you have done all you can. 

   I love hearing from you! I hope all your holiday happenings were amazing! 
Remember to be kind and loving to everyone you meet!
Love from, Hermana Phipps


[Mama Phipps note: It was delightful chatting with Emma on Christmas Day. She glows!! 
She loves being a Missionary at Christmas Time, 
it was easier to talk to her 10 new connects
by wishing them a "Merry Christmas"!
Mama Phipps also apologizes for taking so long to add to the blog. 
Working in Retail @ Christmas was a workout! 
I will do better at keeping up Emma's wonderful BLOG!] 


I love being a missionary so much! I'm learning a whole lot from my Savior.

I know Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are both watching over us and supporting us in our trials. At times we face a difficulty so immense, we know we can't go on without His help. I've learned He always offers His aid in three ways.

1st Way He Helps:
   He, at times, takes away our challenge for us. He, in a moments notice, heals the sick, raises the dead, or defeats our enemies. History is full of miracles like this. While often I think we on earth ask for these types of miracles (help from heaven), they are not the ones that helps us grow the most. It also doesn't provide the lasting faith we need to develop.
2nd Way He Helps:
   At times, He strengthens us so we can face our challenges. We see these with Priesthood Blessings, where the person still needs to take the time to heal but because of the power of God, received through a Priesthood Blessing, they have a miraculous new sense of endurance, patience and joy. This is a wonderful type of miracle (help from heaven), but also it doesn't have as lasting of an effect as we could wish for. We heal, we finally overcome that mountain, and that power we needed from heaven is put aside, like a crutch used to help someone with a broken leg. After we have become well enough again, we survive on our own level of endurance, patience and joy. 

   With both of these first two types of miracles, we can look back and remember the experience with gratitude, but we often keep it as only a memory and we don't allow it to change us. That is why we need the third type of miracle more often than we expect, or sometimes think we need. The third kind of miracle at first looks like something that isn't a blessing, but truly it is...

   This miracle is the miracle explained in Ether 12:27. It is the miracle that brings us lasting change, growth and faith, which are the greatest miracles of all. In our moment of struggle, we ask for the Lord to remove the mountain, but He doesn't. He can't because He loves us too much. We then petition for Him to give freely the abilities to overcome. Again, unexpected to us, He waits and gives us something greater than just handing us the power to overcome. He give us the gift of His confidence and the gift of the chance to overcome in a more building way. He helps us to be forced to our knees every moment to rely on Him. Not be given the strength like miracle #2 and then go on our way. He helps us to depend on Him moment to moment. He humbles us by teaching us that we can do all things, but only when we RELY on Him.

   In this 3rd kind of miracle (help from heaven), we learn so much more. We learn that He is there for us, helping us in every moment of need, but also letting us have the struggle, and having the inability to overcome gives us the lasting faith that we do need Him EVERY HOUR!

   I'm still learning about the 3rd kind of miracle. It's something beautiful. I know I have seen each type of miracle in my life. I know that Heavenly Father lives, that He loves me and He loves you. He is helping us grow and He knows that struggling is what we need at times. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. In every moment He knows how I feel. His Atonement allows me to have His strength. I am grateful to my family for helping me lean on the Lord! I Love You!!                                    --Love, Hermana Phipps

[Note from Emma's Mom... The week that Javier Fernando Lopez was to be baptized, an unbelievable tragedy ripped through the family. For a moment, Javier wondered if he should postpone his baptism. With loving counsel from the Branch President and tender caring from branch members, Javier went forth into the waters of baptism. He is such a strong convert and a wonderful missionary, doing much good. We are amazed at his faith and his ability to press forward and enter the waters of Baptism. He is an example for good in all he does. The tragedy touched Emma and Sister Quinn. They love the Lopez family deeply. We invite you to pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen them.]

Monday, December 2, 2013


    I wish I could list off every reason why Fernando is so amazing! He keeps on asking us if we can print off more and more invitations for him to give to everyone he knows! He is working so hard to help his friend, another of our investigators, to get baptized! He might be the greatest missionary I know!!
    His testimony is so strong! When he wrote his testimony on his invitation, he wrote double the space allotted. Hermana Quinn and I had to devise a way to get it all to fit. I know that through him MANY others are going to Come to Christ.

What more can I say than just to let you know that I thank you for leading me to Christ in my life so I can now help others find their way also. I am so blessed! 
I love you to the Moon and Back!
Hermana Emma Rose Phipps 

In my small time that I have been reading the Book of Mormon, I have come to realize that it is true. My testimony is to give thanks to the missionaries for helping me to study the Book of Mormon and for helping me to realize how I am changing day to day the way I am to be, and to leave behind smoking and drinking. Also the things I have been learning I know I feel. It is so nice to know I feel this peace and tranquility in my heart. I like that, for myself, I am changing and by the help of my Heavenly Father, I am going to be baptized. 

My testimony is that if we keep the commandments of Jesus Christ, 
there is, and we will see, good in our lives.
I know these things because in the small time that I have tried to act well,
I have seen the change inside of me. 
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    Jorge was baptized Saturday! My heart is rejoicing. His faith is really inspiring to me. I'm so thankful to have the blessing of being a part of Jorge's journey to Christ. I read a quote this morning about how Heavenly Father has a plan devised to save all His children. I know that is so true. I feel so blessed to be part of some of Christ's children's way home to our Father in Heaven.
    Watching Jorge receive the Holy Ghost has been the greatest experience on my mission so far. That and watching Fernando smile so brightly during the whole baptism service of Jorge. He was glowing with excitement.
    Now Jorge is a member and he is "acting well his part." I know he is essential to the future of this Branch. His testimony is so BRIGHT!


On November 18th Emma sent the following letter:
   First of all, I want to tell you all about Jorge.  Jorge is 23 and is friends with Fernando. Jorge has been taking the missionary discussions since March of this year. The Lord has been preparing him to receive the gospel for years though. He had made many huge changes in his life before he even ever met his first missionary. It is amazing to know his story.
    I am so grateful for Jorge. He has made all the difference in our lessons with Fernando. They would discuss the gospel together to help each other understand. I know the Lord's hand was in all of it.
    Also, I cannot give enough thanks to Amado Lopez and his family. They are always willing to let us come over and teach any night we need to. Fernando has commented on how he can definitely feel the spirit in the Lopez home. We were happy to tell him he can feel it always, wherever he goes once he is confirmed and receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
    One of Jorge's favorite principles of the gospel is "Endure to the End." In Spanish "Perserverar hasta el fin." He loves to testify of it to his friend Ramiro. I know the strength of his testimony will change his life and those around him forever as he 'endures to the end.'
    I must tell you about a miracle we saw! Last night we had a lesson with Fernando at a member's house. In our plans we decided we would ask Hermano Diaz (the member), to share a story about a time he shared the gospel. The great thing is, right at the moment when I went to Brother Diaz to share an experience, Fernando asked us if he could share the experiences he has had sharing the gospel! The members and the missionaries were so impressed and the Spirit was so strong at that moment. It was amazing. Fernando is sharing the gospel with all his family. Now his Mom is taking the lessons! He took all of them to church when he was in Seattle and made them stay all three hours!
    "Oh how great is your JOY when you bring one soul unto Christ."
    I am so thankful for Jorge and his testimony of the gospel. I know it has strengthened mine. I am thankful for Priesthood Blessings that helped him carry on with the strength of the Lord as his strength. Most of all I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ who has done all for us.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   Love, Hermana Phipps