Saturday, December 28, 2013


I love being a missionary so much! I'm learning a whole lot from my Savior.

I know Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are both watching over us and supporting us in our trials. At times we face a difficulty so immense, we know we can't go on without His help. I've learned He always offers His aid in three ways.

1st Way He Helps:
   He, at times, takes away our challenge for us. He, in a moments notice, heals the sick, raises the dead, or defeats our enemies. History is full of miracles like this. While often I think we on earth ask for these types of miracles (help from heaven), they are not the ones that helps us grow the most. It also doesn't provide the lasting faith we need to develop.
2nd Way He Helps:
   At times, He strengthens us so we can face our challenges. We see these with Priesthood Blessings, where the person still needs to take the time to heal but because of the power of God, received through a Priesthood Blessing, they have a miraculous new sense of endurance, patience and joy. This is a wonderful type of miracle (help from heaven), but also it doesn't have as lasting of an effect as we could wish for. We heal, we finally overcome that mountain, and that power we needed from heaven is put aside, like a crutch used to help someone with a broken leg. After we have become well enough again, we survive on our own level of endurance, patience and joy. 

   With both of these first two types of miracles, we can look back and remember the experience with gratitude, but we often keep it as only a memory and we don't allow it to change us. That is why we need the third type of miracle more often than we expect, or sometimes think we need. The third kind of miracle at first looks like something that isn't a blessing, but truly it is...

   This miracle is the miracle explained in Ether 12:27. It is the miracle that brings us lasting change, growth and faith, which are the greatest miracles of all. In our moment of struggle, we ask for the Lord to remove the mountain, but He doesn't. He can't because He loves us too much. We then petition for Him to give freely the abilities to overcome. Again, unexpected to us, He waits and gives us something greater than just handing us the power to overcome. He give us the gift of His confidence and the gift of the chance to overcome in a more building way. He helps us to be forced to our knees every moment to rely on Him. Not be given the strength like miracle #2 and then go on our way. He helps us to depend on Him moment to moment. He humbles us by teaching us that we can do all things, but only when we RELY on Him.

   In this 3rd kind of miracle (help from heaven), we learn so much more. We learn that He is there for us, helping us in every moment of need, but also letting us have the struggle, and having the inability to overcome gives us the lasting faith that we do need Him EVERY HOUR!

   I'm still learning about the 3rd kind of miracle. It's something beautiful. I know I have seen each type of miracle in my life. I know that Heavenly Father lives, that He loves me and He loves you. He is helping us grow and He knows that struggling is what we need at times. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. In every moment He knows how I feel. His Atonement allows me to have His strength. I am grateful to my family for helping me lean on the Lord! I Love You!!                                    --Love, Hermana Phipps

[Note from Emma's Mom... The week that Javier Fernando Lopez was to be baptized, an unbelievable tragedy ripped through the family. For a moment, Javier wondered if he should postpone his baptism. With loving counsel from the Branch President and tender caring from branch members, Javier went forth into the waters of baptism. He is such a strong convert and a wonderful missionary, doing much good. We are amazed at his faith and his ability to press forward and enter the waters of Baptism. He is an example for good in all he does. The tragedy touched Emma and Sister Quinn. They love the Lopez family deeply. We invite you to pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen them.]

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