Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Reviewed

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! It's officially sweater weather!!!!!!!!! I've waited all summer for this!

And one of my friends new made hot chocolate. Okay fall. Sounds good. You are invited to stay. 

Why hello. Random monologue. These last few weeks, as you may know, I have had a shift of direction for life. It was a strange season. Then yesterday I found a new direction I have wanted to pursue. I found some things I never knew exisited and that matched all that I've been looking for in life. So here we go. 

The picture showcasing the moment I decided to try a different major. #herewego

I have the best of friends here!! We are working on a flag collection. We are up to four. 

Look at this beauty!!! My friend is doing the most amazing art project. She had girls on our floor fold origami and then she painted each of them with their uniqueness. How awesome is she? 

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