Sunday, September 6, 2015

#bestday #sunday

Sunday! We meet again! Thankfully. 

I love me some Sunday. 

I think I miracle happened this morning! I landed on a direction for my life. Now just for studying it out and implimenting it. 

Enter photo of my life because it keeps bolts interesting.... 

Big puffy skirt that kinda scares me when wearing it
Latin festival in Provo. Boy oh boy I sure do miss the food!!
My floor friends are the bestest!!! 
Picture of my friends taken back in highschool. All of them are living together at USU. I guess back row is for BYU
Got the second most beautiful name tag in the world!!! First of course would be from my mission

Story time with EmRo!!

One of my friends during summer was flipping through my diary.... Cause that is what friends do, right? ;) well anywho, my friend stopped on a page tha only said, "I love foreigners." Period. Nothing else. End of journal entry. She laughed and laughed and laughed. 

But it is true! And deserves a whole page! I love foreigners! And I think this love of foreigners comes from the fact that deep down in my soul I know I am a foreigner also. This earth is only my temporary 


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