Sunday, November 30, 2014


The past two months, Emma's mother and father have had four surgeries between them, which has made them a little slow keeping up on Emma's Blog. But Emma has been doing great things and we are back up and going again.
Emma's release date is January 26, 2015 and please 
Emma's Welcome Home will be Sunday February 8, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. 
Brigham City 23rd Ward Chapel - 300 East 600 North Brigham City
A luncheon will be held before the service at Emma's home at 11:30 a.m.
Emma's home address is 357 E 765 North Brigham City, UT 84302 

On Monday November 10th Emma sent the following:

Hello Everyone!

I am loving this transfer Most Completely!!!!!

Okay,... So I have been trying to send all the pictures I have promised to send people since my camera was in a members car and so I used all my time doing that and now I only have 15 minutes to write. I am so, so, so sorry. But here is a run down of some of the miracles we saw this week!

Rosie and Julio are so amazing. Even with the move, a cold hitting the whole family, and doctor appointments, they know how important it is to be reading the scriptures. Rosie called us on Friday because she hadn't read for three days and asked that we come by and read with their family to help them get recommitted! Isn't she amazing?!

So, as a mission we are working on contacting and following up with our progressing investigators everyday! I love it. But on Saturday, we had kind of hit a wall with two of our investigators. One just wasn't ever responding to us and the other one responded to our last two texts with, "?". Yes... just a question mark. But we knew we needed to contact them so Hermana Boman and I, during our get ready hour in the morning whipped up a batch of cookies. While driving to their homes, I commented to Hermana Boman that cookies give me courage to do anything! The cookies brought such great miracles! When we gave the cookies to Carlos he responded in the best way. We didn't even have to ask him any following up questions, because, upon seeing the cookies he just went straight into the following-up by himself. He told us he hadn't read Alma 32 yet but would do so that evening! He even promised to try his best to come to Church! YEA for COOKIES!! 

I love the inspiration that comes from the Spirit as we weekly plan! We had planned on doing a reading visit with Carmen and Luis. When we went by, she sat down and told us that she was on page 62 in the Book of Mormon!!!!! WOW! That is the farthest I have seen anyone get in three weeks while on my mission. Talking about the Book of Mormon was just what she needed also! She had really good questions and we can see that she is reading for understanding and praying to know it is true. She even testified that she knows that it is true! So Wonderful! 
Miracles are Everywhere! I am so Happy! I LOVE this Work!!
Write me emails...or Letters!
Love, Hermana Phipps

This is a Picture of our Favorite Spanish Speaker.
They attend an English Ward with a member's family.

Be prepared to receive LOTS of Photos today!!!

The Sisters in our Zone got together and spray painted pumpkins!
It was so much fun.
We went to the beautiful Manito Park!


See the people in the top left corner above Hermana Boman?
We got their phone number -- they are Spanish Speakers!




It was good they enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather!
Before long, Arctic Air came down from Canada and brought 
lots of Winter Cold!!

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