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[Emma sent this on October 30, 2014 while I (her mom, Mary), was in the hospital.  It is time to catch up... the good news is there are no more surgeries planned for me so I can keep up with Emma's Blog! YEAH!!]

Sad Story... I had so many pictures to send, but I left my camera
in the back of the car of the member whom we rode to the Temple with.
But... Hermana Boman has some pictures I want to forward to you.
I will send the rest on Monday.

Emma enjoying the Flowers of Fall 
Manito Park in Spokane, Washington!

   Last P-day, we went to Manito Park and spray-painted pumpkins with patterned tights over them. SO MUCH FUN! Manito Park is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Pine trees and ROSES, what more could I ask for? I LOVE WASHINGTON!! I have cute pictures of the pumpkins, you can expect to see them on Monday! :) While there, a family of Spanish Speakers was walking around. We talked with them and got their numbers. They are so adorable! It is so fun to find Spanish Speakers everywhere I go. 
Mission Life Is Wonderful!!

   This past week was Jam Packed!!
   On Sunday we had a lesson with our Branch President and asked him and his wife to pray for three of our investigators. Wow, their prayers sure do work. As the week went by the miracles just kept coming for each of these families.

   The first person we asked him to pray for was Carlos. On Tuesday we went to a lesson with him and as we sat down he went straight to telling us how much the Book of Mormon is connecting with him. He told us that it feels so familiar and he just loves reading it. He then asked us all the steps he needs to take to be part of the Church! This is the second lesson we were having with him. Hermana Boman and I had made it our goal to invite him to be baptized on a certain date. Going into the lesson, for some reason I was nervous about it. But I had no need to be nervous. Whenever I think I have reason to fear, Heavenly Father teaches me that there is no room for anything in this work other than FAITH! Carlos is now praying to know what day Heavenly Father wants Him to be Baptized. We suggested the 22nd of November, and he is praying fervently about it!

   The second family the Condon's were praying for was the Juarez family. They are such a miracle. During exchanges last Friday, Hermano Torres, our Ward Mission Leader came with us to visit this family for the first time. Wow, they are AMAZING! Lee is the menos activo member that we met while contacting near his apartment a few weeks ago. He moved back to Florida temporarily, but we set up an appointment with his non-member wife Carmen. She is such a Woman of Faith. The people I am meeting here never cease to amaze me. 

   When we first met her and set up the appointment, she referred us to her neighbors. She told us it was a family of five who also wanted to come to Church with us. So, we set up an appointment with her and went to meet the neighbors. But they were not home. The next Friday, we headed out to the lesson. When we got there, her family and her neighbors were all there and they were ready and waiting for us. Sister Rodgers was with me for the day and did an amazing job at Testifying! The Spirit was so strong. We invited them to all come to Church on Sunday, and they all did!!! The family that Carmen invited actually speaks Spanish and English, but the mom of the family is dating someone who only speaks English, so they chose to go to the English ward on Sunday. They went and LOVED it!! Carmen and her son Luis (the neatest 11 year old I know), loved the Spanish Branch. Everything just fell into place! At the end of the lesson, all the kids asked if they could come to Church Saturday and Sunday and Monday also!! I just LOVE their excitement!! 

   The third family that the Condons prayed for is one of my favorite families in the Branch, the Mojica family. The Mojica family is one of the three part-member families in our area. This week we saw so many miracles with them. They came to activities that they haven't come to for the longest time and they had us over for a Family Home Evening. 

We would not be having these miracles without them!!

   And I have waited long enough!!! Let's talk about SATURDAY! Adonay and Norma are married!!! And they are so adorable. Alonso walked her into the ceremony. In that moment the Spirit just tidal waved me. I know that even though Amado (the father), is far away, he couldn't be any more happier for his Beautiful Daughter! It just makes me realize how happy Heavenly Father is watching over us as we do the things he wants us to do.

   Rosie made the cakes! The most delicious and beautiful things I have ever tasted in my life. Rosie has already promised me ten times over that she will be making my wedding cake! I am just under one beautiful lucky star!! 

   It was so wonderful seeing Hermana Quinn (Emma's first companion & trainer), and Hermana Judd again. It was such a Tender Mercy!!! I love them. When Hermana Quinn first arrived at the wedding, after saying Hello, Hermana Boman and I just stood back and watched her for a good minute... ha ha. President Condon noticed us and laughed. It was just too wonderful to have her back in the Mission. They came for the wedding. 


   We think Adonay has gotten the hint that we are ready for him to be BAPTIZED! Yesterday, he walked into the house and Hermana Boman and I shouted out to him that we had a question for him. He replied, "Is it about when I am going to be baptized?" Oh my, he has caught on to us! Just kidding, he is fully aware that we are so excited for the day he gets baptized. He is so close! He told us that is the next step. 

   Last night we had a ward Trunk-or-Treat activity. So many miracles were there too! We had six families come! The Lord really is getting things to move. I need to keep pace!! 

   Well, I love you all SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!     ~Love, Hermana Phipps

PS... Transfer calls are this Sunday! I can't believe it is that time again!

PSS... Oh dear family, thank you so so so so much for the care package. I love receiving a bit of home! Also, so silly of me, I haven't even mentioned the Galindo family! They are doing SO SO SO SO WELL! Aleah took part in the Primary Program on Sunday. Most adorable thing of my life!!! They are moving right to where we spend most of our days and we are the happiest missionaries in the world! Heavenly Father sure is amazing at orchestrating things! 

Speaking of music... look up the group "Lower Lights." My last few companions have had their music and it is just so so so so good! We don't have the album, 'Hymn Revival #2' but hopefully one day I can get it. I think Jon Phipps would really enjoy their Christmas Album.

So, so, so, so, ... good-bye for now!

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