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[On Monday October 20, 2014 Emma sent the following.]

Hello Everyone!
This week just flew by!
I will give you a quick day by day overview of my week. It was WONDERFUL!!

We taught English class. Right now our most constant students are a recent convert Cuban named Osvaldo and Estela, a Colombian born Mexican. On Tuesday the class was HILARIOUS! Osvaldo and Estela kept on giving us different words in Spanish for words we were teaching them in English. The Cuban was really loud and persistent that his Spanish was the correct Spanish. Estela just laughed and hinted that if you ask any other Spanish speakers in Spokane, they would agree with her because they most likely are from Mexico (which isn't exactly true... we are finding people from all over the Spanish globe lately). It is so much fun as we get to hear all kinds of different versions of Spanish!

After that we ran to a lesson with Carlos! Our favorite Marina Lopez and her "just-off-the-mission" son came with us to teach the Restoration. Marina and Noel, her son, were the perfect fellowshippers and made all the difference in the lesson! At one part Noel turned to Carlos and asked him if he believed there should still be prophets today to which Carlos replied, "Yes, there should be! God would still want to guide us right?" Then we got to tell him he was SO RIGHT! And that there are Prophets on the earth. The Gospel just makes sense!!

At the end, people walked in and the lesson was getting rather distracted, but Hermana Boman and I were determined to not leave that lesson without inviting Carlos to be Baptized. It really shows the sincerity and desire of a person. Hermana Boman, amongst the distraction, got the lesson back on track and whipped out such a powerful invite, to which he said YES! I could just feel the Spirit! All through the lesson, Carlos said, "I want to keep learning!" That is beyond fine with us! The only thing is he might be switched to the YSA Ward this week, depending upon what he prefers... Good thing is... the sisters we live with are the YSA sisters, so we could get play by play updates. THE ELECT JUST CAN'T BE BEAT!!

We stopped to see Yolanda, someone we were teaching last year who is in LOVE with the Book of Mormon. She let us right in and told us that she still reads the Book of Mormon every night while her children are sleeping. She then told us, "You two always come right when I tell God I need you." I love moments like that!

We ate with our favorite Spanish speaker who attends an English ward! She makes the most flavorful food in the world! That dinner just reconfirmed to me that I LOVE the Spanish culture with all my heart and it is just the biggest blessing that I get to be part of it! I am just too blessed.

Also, we got to go to a Relief Society activity all about Family History! The Mission is REALLY focusing on Family History right now and so this week we were asked to go on Family Search and try all the neat things they have on there. MOM AND DAD... Coolest thing ever. They have a link that you can click on and read trail excerpts of pioneer ancestors! In fact, let me share my favorite pioneer story that I found this week! It is hilariously scary!!

Okay,... I couldn't find the link to it, but it was so funny! I printed it off so I will just send a copy of it home!

We had a really good lesson with Jorge. He has such good desires... Now we just need to help him ACT on them! He will. The Branch is focusing on helping him ACT also, so together we can do this!

So, remember little miss Lola? The cutest little girl who fell in LOVE with the Book of Mormon? Her grandpa Steve got baptized on Saturday!!!! I was the first missionary to teach him!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING! All the missionaries in the Branch sang together at his Baptism! It was a beautiful moment.

The Elders brought some investigators to the Baptism and Rosie came to. During the service one of the investigators turned to the Elders and said, "I feel like crying and I feel like I have goose bumps all over." Rosie was sitting with us in front of this family and we all heard her say it. After the meeting, Rosie did the most amazing thing ever. She turned back to the investigator and said, "Remember how you said you wanted to cry? That is the Spirit and He is telling you that this is right!" Could Rosie get any better?!

We visited some of the youth in our area to do a lesson with them to make sure they are living the commitment Elder Anderson extended to them in General Conference. He invited all youth to read Joseph Smith's History and to pick scriptures and share them with others. After that invitation from an Apostle, I made sure I read the Joseph Smith History again. Oh, I just love that part of the scriptures! The spirit always hits me so strong!!!! I have already seen the blessing of reading it. Randomly we have had lots of people having opposition against Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But, because I have been working on Elder Anderson's invite, my spirit and testimony couldn't help but burst with joy and help others resolve their concerns. It is neat! It just reminds me that our testimonies are not meant for ourselves. They are meant to strengthen others. The bible says, "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." Sorry, that was paraphrasing... But It Is SO TRUE!

Warning! Next week I won't have P-day until Thursday, because I get to go to the Temple! :) So, write me some letters so I can last the week!

So, that was my week! I love you all so so so so so so so so so much!! Enjoy my picture from last Sunday when we made the yummiest and biggest milk shakes ever!! HAPPY DAY!



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