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On October 6, 2014 Emma wrote the following:

Hello Everyone!
   I am just so happy! General Conference this weekend just filled me with happiness! I Love Heavenly Father and His words that we were able to hear this past weekend. Isn't it special that those words are just for us? I know I received specific words just for me!
   Last night we went to an appointment with someone we had just found. As we were visiting him, the lesson was going no where. He wasn't listening and it just broke my heart! It broke my heart because, just hours before, Apostles and Prophets were speaking to us for our day. Their words helped me understand the blessing I enjoy to know Restored Truths. I just wanted him to know that Christ's absolute truth was on the earth! But understanding takes time and an open heart. Hermana Boman and I walked away with an increased determination to find the elect! There are prepared people searching for Restored Truth! I am so grateful to be here and working to find those people!

Speaking of the elect...

Let's just look at the absolutely ADORABLE texts Rosie sent us during Conference. (Translated into English.)

US: "Were you able to find the website to watch General Conference? We don't want you to miss a second of it!"
Rosie: "A German pilot is speaking right now, right?"
Even if I wasn't watching Conference, we all know who she was talking about... Elder Uchtdorf.

A half hour before the next session started, we texted her to remind her it was about to start and she said, "I know :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!" Yes, I counted the exact number of smiley faces!!

Then after the second session she said, "It isn't over is it? This is the best experience of my life!"

We actually got to watch a session with her! That means I watched another session in Spanish! Whoo! She was just beaming the entire time.

After Conference we went to the Lopez home to see how watching conference went for them. Sadly, right at the beginning of the morning Sunday session their internet timed out. Grrrrrr! We even texted them to see if everything was working, but they thought it was going to work again so they didn't mention that it wasn't working and just told us it was all good. But no fears! When we went over Adonay pulled out his laptop and we showed them how to watch the recordings. We actually watched the talk by Elder Gavarrett with them to help them keep their commitments!

The Spirit was SO STRONG! He was the first Spanish speaker to give his talk in Spanish, and oh let me tell you, that talk is perfect for Adonay. It hit him really hard! He said that while listening to it he felt like God was speaking right to him. He promised to quite drinking coffee on the spot and to pray to know what day to be Baptized.

I am just still so in LOVE with being in the North again.

I loved all the Conference talks. I cannot wait for the moment when I can print out some of my favorite talks and search them and receive all the guidance I can from them. I can't wait until mom sends me my own copy and then it will become my favorite study friend!

And, I love each and everyone of you SO MUCH!!
     ~Love, Hermana Phipps

We didn't mean to hide... but it makes for a funny picture!



   We were doing a Finding Activity when the sweetest lady from a small country by Nepal and India led us to her apartment and into her house so we could talk to her son! They come to English Class now! They have such an amazing story and I will have to tell you about it next week.

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