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[On Monday December 22, 2014 Emma wrote the following:]

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Oh my heavens, I love this time of year! I have so much to catch you up on!

This is turning out to be the best transfer of my life, and it is only the first week!!! We kicked it off on Monday by having a lesson with Leo, Coralia, and little Leo at the home of the C. Lopez family. The C. Lopez family knows how to be such amazing missionaries!!! We shared the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong. At the end they all agreed to be baptized on the 17th of December! We also got to teach in a trio. Hermana Boman, Hermana McDougal and me. I love the format of trios! It was a great way to end last transfer and start anew! 

I love Leo, Coralia, and little Leo. They are so adorable and close to the Spirit. They really are taking charge in learning and progressing. It is so wonderful to be serving with them!

I love that Hermana Boman is still in the Branch. She is just adorable. She is loving her new area and doing so well in figuring things out.

I ALSO LOVE HERMANA McDOUGAL SO MUCH! Wow, she is a work horse. She has an unrelinquishing enthusiasm for the work! Also, she has an automatic love for the people. This transfer is going to be my dream come true! I couldn't ask for anything more.

Adonay is doing really well!!! ... Well, except for the fact that his family opened a restaurant an hour away and demanded that he works there for the Grand Opening. So, we haven't really had contact with him which is freaking me out! But no fears, he will be home within the next few days and we will get everything figured out. 

Rose and Julio are as wonderful as ever, but... my oh my, have they been facing about every form of opposition under the sun! To name a few of the things that have happened since they were baptized:
Anti-Mormon Literature
1 year old in the hospital for a day and a half in isolation so no visit from us!
Julio with leg pain taking him out of work
Moving across town
Their outlet caught on fire in their new home
Anti-Mormon family bothering them
Rumors that they hate missionaries spreading in the Branch (which couldn't be further from the truth, they LOVE US)! 

With all this happening, it has been a struggle helping them make it to church. It doesn't surprise me that they are getting a little tired of the opposition. I know that Heavenly Father only allows this to come their way, because they are so strong. They came to church on Sunday! They loved it and last night we had a lesson with them about the Purpose of God's Commandments, which is to give us blessings and strength! I could see the Spirit touching them throughout the whole lesson and they are completely on board. They are going to completely immerse themselves in the Gospel this week by doing every little thing they know they need to be doing. No matter what is going on around them. That means: family prayers everyday, family scripture reading everyday, family home evening tonight and attend Church activities on Tuesday and Church on Sunday.

I have Hermana McDougal to thank for her diligence. She was perfectly inspired by the Lord on how to help motivate them to remember to do these small and simple things. (Alma 37:6) We have a goal to have them completely involved in the gospel by the end of these six weeks. 

Hermana McDougal and I have a transfer motto with goals, "GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN!" And so, Rose and Julio will be coming to Church every week and Adonay will be baptized! I know the Lord's strength is on our side! 

Life couldn't be more perfect!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
Also, a BIG THANKS to all the members in the Ward who have sent such sweet tender notes. I am so grateful for every letter they write!! 

I had the most tender experience last week! I got to go fear busting (which is where we take a new missionary from right off the plane and go tracking for an hour). My companion was from Tonga and was the most adorable Sister Missionary ever!! She prayed at the end of the first lesson we taught on the street and just had tears of gratitude for the man we were visiting with. It was such a powerful moment! 

(Emma isn't tall at all, right?!?)

Hermana Phipps

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