Sunday, January 4, 2015


[On Monday December 29, 2014 Emma wrote the following:]


   It was so WONDERFUL to talk with my family on Christmas! My favorite part was when they said that if I am TRUNKY or not it doesn't matter, because they will be TRUNKY for me and come and pack my stuff up if needs be! You bunch are so cute!! It was such a sweet experience to see Kingston! I love being an Aunt. I can't wait to hold him one day. I just have the best 2 nieces and nephews in the entire world. That is because I truly have the best family in the world! 

   I still love being here and working with the people, with my whole heart! We are seeing such great miracles. We have been working on really talking with every person that it is possible for us to talk to. I love speaking with everyone. It really makes all the difference in the work. I have this itch to work every single moment possible and to give everyday my all. I love having the Spirit here always, to drive me to do my very best. I Love the SPIRIT!! 

   Hermana McDougal is beyond amazing!!! I love being her companion. Her personal studies are always so wonderful and I feel like I get to have a mini General Conference session every time she shares with me what she learned. She also has no fear of men and is really doing all she can to teach for understanding. 

   I had a really amazing experience on Saturday. We went to go visit Rose and Julio who have been struggling a bit recently and have had big challenges in their life. Hermana McDougal came up with a plan last week to help them do the small and simple things of the Gospel. What Hermana McDougal shared with them was absolutely perfect! Rose started reading the Book of Mormon over again on Thursday and she has already finished the 1st Book of Nephi! Then as soon as we went in to teach them, both Rose and Julio started talking about how they really want to be sealed in the Temple next September!!! The Lord has been teaching them about high expectations, just like we as missionaries learned about in our last meeting with President Mullen. They are now making such great progress again!

   I love how much the Lord teaches us when we simply just do the small and simple things of the Gospel. 

   I love this work! I have such a huge testimony of Daily Scripture Reading and Prayer! Make sure you keep these priorities of Heavenly Father as your Priorities too during this New Year!!

Love, Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

Hma Phipps, Hma McDougal, Hma Boman &
Hermana Robles


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