Monday, January 5, 2015


[On Monday, January 5, 2015 Emma wrote the following. She has many reasons to rejoice, but so does her family... in 21 days Emma will be coming home!!! Color us happy!] ... 8D.
Sunday February 8, 2015
1:00 pm @ the 23rd Ward Chapel
300 East 600 North
Brigham City, UT
You are welcome to visit and enjoy
a bite to eat at our home from
11 am to 12:30 am that day!
[Emma's Home address... 357 E 765 North Brigham City]
Now for what Emma sent:

Welcome to the New Year!! ISN'T IT GREAT!!

Do you have any fun New Year's Goals? Share them with me! The one I am focusing on the most is to write in my journal every single night. I want my mission memories to last forever!

This New Year has been quite amazing actually. I have really seen my Heavenly Father direct the work here. Even more this week than ever before. We have some mountains to climb, but I have no FEAR. As we do the work of the Lord, the POWER behind us is ALWAYS stronger than whatever is before us!

Let's just have a Hermana McDougal moment right now, if that is all right! She is amazing! I have never seen a missionary who has figured out just how to be a missionary so perfectly! Her studies are so powerful. She is an amazing teacher. She is always looking out to make sure all that we do is helping us fulfill our purpose! Also, she is ready to work all day every day! I am amazed by how diligent she is.

3 Miracles from this Week!

1. On Saturday, it was Krystal's birthday! That was just a tender moment in itself. The Lopez family is so dear to me. Heavenly Father has taught me so much during my time with them. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of His children and He is un-relentlessly doing all in His power to help us to return to Him. Lots of our most favorite families are going through a lot of opposition right now. For a good half of my mission, I used to get so upset about opposition. Heavenly Father has taught me so much these last 17 months about having TRUST in Him. I know without a doubt His will is going to prevail. So, we are moving forward with faith and miracles are going to happen! I know that, without a doubt. I have never been so sure of anything in my life!

2. We received permission from our Mission President to Skype Adonay while he is working an hour away in Newport. He goes there for 5 days and he doesn't have a phone with which we can contact him. The Skype lessons have been going really well! He is so excited to be getting Baptized! The only glitch is he needs to get work off on Sundays, so he can keep the Sabbath Day oh so Holy! We are working fervently with him on this!!! I can't wait! 

What I am so perfectly excited about is the fact that I now have a sure way to stay in contact with the Lopez Family for the rest of my life!!!!!

3. Yesterday, during our time at church, it snowed and it snowed really hard! We walked out to a big thick blanket covering the ground. After having a Standing Ward Council with our ward, we were late for the dinner we were going to have with a member. So, we headed up the South Hill as fast as we could. Well... that is until our car got stuck on the snowy hill! Really stuck. Not even 30 seconds later a truck pulled over right in front of us and chained our car to his. WOW!! Heavenly Father has angels here on earth! He told us that only 30 minutes before, he was feeling bored at home and guessed that people were getting stuck on this hill, so he got in his truck and had been pulling people up over the hill over and over again. That was such a miracle for me!! 
  • [Mama note: This is so what Grandpa Ernie and Uncle Conrad have done all their lives! We lived on a hill and Ernest would go start up the tractor to help those who were stuck and Conrad still continues to make sure his truck is ready to help anyone in need as he passes them in a storm!! How sweet to have Emma on the receiving end of this Samaritan Type Service!!] 
Le quiero hasta la luna y atras!
(Love you to the moon and back!)


She was on Exchanges with me, so I got to
be with her when she saw her first snow fall!

Sister Phipps and Sister McDougal ~ right side

Hermana McDougal & Hermana Phipps

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