Sunday, January 25, 2015


[On January 5, 2015, Emma sent the following]

Temple p-days are the craziest! 
I only had 20 minutes to email so I am forwarding the email that 
Hermana McDougal wrote to her family.


   Hello Everyone! Time flies by, the transfer is almost over too!! And there will be changes, because Hermana Phipps will be heading home.  Because of short time this week, sadly I won't be able to tell you a whole lot of all the craziness that happened. Its been a week of miracles and not such great things, both ends of the spectrum. We had a miracle happen this week in that our new investigator Ashley came to church!! And she loved it! Leo and Coralia and Leonel came as well, and so we had 4 investigators at church which was awesome and an answer to a specific prayer, which was a big testimony to me that God always answers, especially when we specifically work towards something (in his own will and time of course), but He is definitely in the details of our lives. We had another little miracle, we were able to contact a new Spanish speaking family! They pulled into the driveway just in time for us to talk to them, and she was very nice and accepting. That was another answer to a prayer. 
   Then I spent a day and a half in bed sick with the flu, that was an adventure. But we ended up with a new investigator out of it, so hey, if it works, it works right? 
   But the thing I have learned most this week is that I've learned even more about how to recognize the spirit, when I feel it and especially when I don't. Often times we are like the fish surrounded by water, without recognizing we are even in it. We are feeling the spirit, but don't even notice it, until we aren't feeling it. And the trick is to get rid of whatever it is that causes the spirit to leave as fast as possible. So I've learned even more what little attitudes or behaviors make the spirit leave, and have thus learned more about how to be directed by the spirit in small and simple things. The spirit will always move us to progress, to move forward, to try new things, to overcome old habits, and to be closer to our Heavenly Father. Those things which move us back, stop our progress, or even encourage us to stand still are not of the spirit. Fear, doubt, envy and pride, are a few that I've learned really hinder that guidance from God. What an amazing blessing, to have a member of the Godhead with us always, as we strive our best to live worthy of His guidance. Little by little, I learn more every day about how to receive and act in His way. 
Hope you all have an amazing week! 

I hope you love Hermana McDougal's email!!!!

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