Monday, March 23, 2015

Running in the Rain

Today, after my morning study of the teachings of Jesus Christ, I kicked my day off with a run! Breaking news! I am training for a 10k. Try telling that to my middle-school self back in the day.

I remember when the, once a year, mile run day would roll around. I would grimace just thinking about "running" a mile. In my mind I might as well have been sentenced to conquer Mount Everest.

In fact, just to prove my point I will tell you this: the day of the run my P.E. teacher said the lowest grade anyone could get on the run would be a B. I panted away from P.E. that day with a D. Two marks lower than was supposedly possible.

But guess what. This morning I ran, in the rain, and loved it! And much more than a mile. And I cut off five minutes of my pace. Now my sister has printed off a neat training program and I will be running a 10k in June.

Take that middle school me.

You will one day run a mile and LOVE IT!

<Picture below was a gaggle of wild turkeys that crossed my path along the way>

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