Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Today is perfect. My niece and second cousin are up in my room playing "college". I couldn't be more proud that 1. They know I love them enough that they can mess up my room for the gazillioneth time and I still won't mind and 2. They play college! What a great thing to play!

I just love life. Isn't life just splendid? Tis it is. 

Today was a perfect Sunday! I got to teach my Gospel Principles class. Oh it is fun! The class is very diverse, so it has been interesting trying to see what their favorite teaching style is. I haven't quite figured it out but I AM SO DETERMINED TO! 

Then during the third hour the missionaries came and gave a presentation on member missionary work. I LOVED IT! They had me fill out a brainstorm list! And I was determined to put as many names as I could! I actually surprised myself with just how many people I had on that thing. I have a bigger circle then I knew! 

Today I got to also teach the Young Women's in my home ward, and oh my heavens, I loved that!!!  I was asked to share how I decided to serve a mission and how it has changed my life. BEST TOPIC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! I loved it. I so loved being able to share it with 12-18 year old. When I stood up to start talking the spirit really hit me about how important this topic is for this age group and just how much power they each hold to do so much good in the world. I may sound old saying this, but there is so much hope and goodness in the cute little rising generation! 

Besides that I have immersed myself in working! I worked every single day this week! Made me definitely ready for the wonderful sabbath day! Heavenly Father is so neat that He gives us this day of worship and rest. I don't see why some people complain against it! I worked 11 hours straight yesterday. What I love it the most is that I get to meet so many people! I love PEOPLE! I really, really, really love people! It is good to change your circle up! 

And let me tell you, I love work! I get to drive around all day, use my house finding skills from the mission. In fact, so many things from the mission help me with the pizza delivery process. But instead of bring the gospel to the homes of the people, I bring pizza, which even though it is amazing, it will never compare with the value of the gospel. Silly isn't it that people will pay for pizza to come to your door but when you offer them all the happiness (through Christ's teachings) in the world knocking on their door, they turn it down.

I am just basically really happy with life right now! I even got to use my Spanish at work yesterday! BEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! I went to deliver a pizza and a little boy opened the door with the money and what looked to be his grandma stood aloofly behind. From those clues I knew that they had to be able to speak Spanish speaking, and the grandmother must not know english and was having her grandson translate. So after introducing myself I asked the grandma in Spanish if she so spoke Spanish. The moment I ended the question her faced bursted with sunshine and relief. She looked so happy to see that she could talk to me about the money exchange. The little boy also got really, really, really, really excited and excitedly spoke to me in Spanish. There isn't a better feeling than seeing someone get so excited because you share their language. I love my life! She even gave me a tip "una propia" that I wouldn't have gotten without the language! 


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