Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Wee Bit of a Thang. The Fitbit.

Ever since the day I got home from my mission, my amazing running sister kept on raving about something called a "Fitbit". It is this little device that you wear all day long and it tracks healthy stuff. Real technical definition, I know. You can now applaud.

Well this little Fitbit has many options to  help someone make goals and socially connect with friends to challenge each other to reach their goals. Amy kept on telling me I needed to get one of these things but it was one-hundred bucks that I didn't have around. So I lived without one....

Until Amy gave me one only over a week ago. It is so helpful! So much more so than I ever imagined! I have goals I have made and I try to meet them each day! So, tonight after work, I cleaned a bit with the extra energy I get from work. Then I realized I was so close but so far away from reaching my goals. I ran stairs for ten minutes. I reached my steps and stair goals doing that. But I still had a half-mile distance goal difference to make. So I then ran outside at 10:10 at night in my backyard. BEST PART!!!: It was raining again! Happiness!

So, now I have introduced you to the world of the Fitbit. It is a wee bit insane.

<Recent picture from MOAB trip. Rock climbing is fun as you see just how many steps and staircases you are getting on a Fitbit>

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