Thursday, April 30, 2015

The World is Your Campus

I love my dad. He always says the most witty things! Though it takes me sometimes a few years to catch on..... Or as he would say, it takes me "two times half that long".

When he dropped me off for college at BYÜ freshmen year, he took me to the sign that says, "The world is your campus." As I read the sign my heart raced with excitement and anticipation, thinking that the world can really be my campus. But quickly my dad jolted me awake from my day dreaming by laughing while saying, "but for now, the campus is your world, and get used to it because you won't be leaving it soon." 

Haha. Well, as true as "the campus being your world" feels when you are stuck in the center of campus, buried in homework, the world has been a campus for me more than I could have expected beginning my freshman year. I've been on a mission, taking me to Mexico City, Mexico to prepare me to go to the far more foreign... Hehe not.... Spokane, Washington. But I will say Spokane, Washington was quite diverse. I worked with Spanish speakers from fourteen different counties, plus rubbing shoulders with people from Brumah to the Marshall Islands and everywhere inbetween and beyond. 

Well now, the world being my campus is taking on a whole new meaning. I am currently enrolled in classes at the BYÜ Salt Lake center. I'm expanding my campus world and it is so much fun!!! 

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