Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome, welcome, one and all!

It is 10:11 at night. I should be asleep since I have much education to consumer tomorrow, but alas. I am writing to no one in particular on my blog. Oh and I must mention that I am planning on waking up at 2:00 tomorrow morning to finish my AP Comparative Government essay on China! Whoo. What a way to start my day.

I wanted to make you all red with envy by me bragging about the AWESOME experience I had last Friday. I slept over at my friend Valerie's house. The cool thing was: I slept in a BARN! How unconventional is that? Answer: very, well at least for me. Maybe you are from some farmland and live in a barn, but for me this was a very unusual experience. I haven't entered into more than five barns in my life, and maybe a city slicker reading this has never even seen an authentic barn. So yes, you should be jealous. Plus the coolest thing was this barn was decked out in all things 70's. Too bad I wasn't considerate enough to take picture of the inside or out. I was planning on doing so but forgot.

Well, after my adventure in the barn my friend Mufausa and I had an adventure of EPIC proportions. We dressed up in baggy clothes and hammertimed it with 80's glasses. We annoyed my family and a guest at my house, and almost injured a few people. Aw. How much joy I bring! We went out side and goofy laughed, jumped on the tramp, took pictures, and ran in snow! 'twas oh so fun!

Well, I really should let my mind get 3 and a half hours of sleep...
-EPIC signing off. BD
(Emma Phipps Is Cool)

P.s. this blog post may seem quite snobbish, it was all just an experimentation with the writing element "voice". Maybe you heard it, maybe not.
This is the end: THE END

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