Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Relapse

It has been four years since my last build-a-bear, well at least that is what I could have said until yesterday...

Let me take you back into my more youthful years. When I had a crazy obsession about build-a-bears. Let's just say that I currently have 16 in my possession, and I use to have more. My mom started to get worried about my extensive collection and when I was 11 she declared it illegal for me to make another bear, bunny, or dog. At first I was heart broken. But as the years went by I was getting over my obsession. I did get one more with my mom's special permission at age 13 in California, while visiting my sister. I still remember that most amazing feeling I got when making my own bear, dressing it, and taking it home. (oh I have SO many memories revolving around these bears)

So my nieces and nephew received a gift certificate to build-a-bear for Christmas. Yesterday we went to redeem it. I entered into the store determined not to get one. At first I felt completely over my obsession of the past. I said to myself it will be fun enough to watch my nephew make his first bear. I lasted maybe 3 minutes before I entertained the thought of maybe, just maybe, getting another bear...

Well, to make this story shortish, I got another bear! It felt weird at first, not the same sensation I used to get. I really do believe that I am done buying anymore build-a-bears for myself, I don't have that overwhelming desire for them anymore. But the one I made yesterday is simply the bomb. It encompasses everything about me and this blog.

So please don't think me a simpleton, or very kid-ish, or a weirdo. We all have weaknesses, I just let you in on mine. But I can honestly say I am quite over build-a-bears for good now. There is no way I could beat this one in awesomeness. Yes. It is a koala bear dressed in a Darth Vader suit with purple sparkly shoes! You're jealous, I know.
-Em Ro
P.s. I have plans for down sizing my build-a-bear collection.
P.s.s. I also added pictures of my ballon twin that my nieces made.

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