Sunday, March 4, 2012

Building Blocks

Words cannot paint to you the beauty the Brigham City temple brings to my life. I remember the day my dear prophet announced that a temple was to be built in my little home town. I was beyond excited!
During the last two years my temple has been under construction. I have witnessed every step along the way. As the temple has been built, I too have gone through building.
The temple means the world to me. I remember last summer, I was going through a particularly difficult time. Then the Brigham City temple came to mind. It was then I realized the extent that my Father in Heaven knows and loves me. The temple is a symbol of His infinite and eternal love for me. I will be forever greatfull for the night He taught me. Since then the most stunning building blocks have been placed in my life. I know that I am being built along side my temple.

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