Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Return of Priest and Laurel Camp

Hello everybody!
{This was written more than a week ago and was originally posted on my friends joint blog, but I thought it was important to post here also.}

I just came back from an amazing experience and my heart is so full! I am so excited to share my feelings about it. Can I just thank the blog for always being here to hear me out? I am in deep gratitude.

Background: Two years ago I went to Priest and Laurels (PAL) Camp. It was a delightful experience, rain and all. I must say it was a turning point in my life.

Almost three weeks ago my Bishop told me that I had been invited to come to PAL, even though I was a year too old to go. Me and my fellow lifetime "wardie" and friend Syd was invited also to come as newly called sister missionaries. I quickly remembered how much the last PAL camp meant to me and was quick to want to go! But then I was told the dates. It clashed with my family trip to go participate in Dirty Dash which my sister and I have been planning for almost eight months. So I thought I couldn't go.

As soon as I thought I could not go something seem to nag me that I should check my options. But I brought up the date clashing concern to my mom and she didn't suggest any other option so I let it go, kinda. Something kept on nagging me that it would be best if I could go.

Well, two weeks later my mom was talking to my Young Women's President. She had been told by Syd that I was going to PAL. My mom brought up the Dirty Dash conflict but by the end of the conversation she had signed me up for coming up two days. She told me this and the nagging feeling and myself were quite excited and relieved! And so I went!

And now I am back! And wow. It was something special. In fact it was another turning point, in so many I ways I could not explain them all! I so got out of my comfort zone {THIS IS A HUGE THING PEOPLE}! And I can't believe I had enough motivation to do so!

Usually when I go to camp I am with all girl and I act all nerdy. Everyone loves to be entertained by me {at least I hope they love it}! But I am always acting quite strange. Well this time it was different but in the most awesome of ways! I was put in a group that seemed to click the moment we all met! And guess what? They loved to act just as crazy as I do! So we became the crazy annoying group that got along so awesomely well! We became family in less than 30 minutes flat! So much so that when I went to leave early I went to my parents crying asking if there was a way to let me stay. Now crying sounds dramatic but coming home from college I have learned that goodbyes are HARD. So hard. And it reopened those not completely healed wounds.

Well, I love my OLIVE group family, my M&M duo, and our crazy CRAZY times together.

Oh wow. I can't believe I was blessed so much in less than 48 hours.

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