Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Called to Serve E>

Awww! What a wonderful day Thursday May 16 was. I recieved my call! I was "pathetic" as my Bishop jokingly called me because of my lack of patience.... Oh and to think I was a patience fellow, this is not a bit so when it comes to my mission. I called the post office Wednesday night when the mail carrier didn't bring to my my blessed package, but they had not recieved my mission call yet... Yes I called the post office, but let me tell ya, when your mission call is on its way it is all you can think of. They called me Thursday morning at 6:45 AM, waking up my niece 15 minutes before time to wake up for school. As I listened to the news that my mission call was in their hands I freaked out to the tenth million degree and ran and woke up the whole sleeping house of my sister's. I am sure glad my family loves me enough to let me wake them up because I was filled with excitement.

And had to suffer my patience 13 hours more and wait until 8 o'clock to open my letter so all my dear friends and family could gather. Sadly a few where still not able to make it, but thanks to technology I got them their in spirit!

So where am I going you may ask? Well I am beyond delighted for you to know! Watch me opening my call in the video below!

My heart is full to be able to serve the Lord in the Washington Spokane Mission. I feel very blessed to be teaching in the beautiful language of Spanish!
Each day, I feel more and more love for the people I will be soon meeting!
Lots of Love for Spokane!
Sister Emma Rose

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