Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teachings from T-Swift

So, this may sound crazy, but some how I avoided the Taylor Swift epidemic at BYU! Everyone at college seemed to have her new Red album memorized to every millisecond, but not I. In fact I  cannot name more than 3 of the songs on the album.
Well any who. I did stumble upon one of her videos while my roomie was watching it. I remember not being too interested in it except it was in Paris. One more thing caught my attention: I was flabbergasted that she was riding a bike in a skirt! Is that even a thing? I thought it was strange!
This week I just got a letter from my mission president! The letter was so exciting! It told me that I would be biking on my mission! Whoo! I am very excited and nervous about this! I am definitely going to practice some more of my biking. Well I soon remembered this video of T-Swift's. I have rewatched it to see if I can glean from it any techniques on riding bikes with skirts! Whoo!
Emma Rosy

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