Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Dear lovely people,
I have oh so much to be grateful for!  I too, like Mariah, am home for a season here in my good ol' home town. I am excited to be doing all sorts of great things! College has gotten me used to spending lots of time trying to accomplish things. So when thinking about coming home, I wanted to make sure that I would keep up my productivity! Which sometimes is hard to do. I am anxiously awaiting the time when I will be ready to receive my mission call! So, as part of the things I should be accomplishing now I am counting on working on being prepared to be a missionary for my wonderful Savior. How exciting! I'll keep you posted on the great things I will be filling up my life with!

Today I had a wonderful experience! While being at BYU I enjoyed seeing missionary work expanding in such strides. I loved attending the many mission call openings and feeling the spirit come as each future missionary opened their called and heard where the Lord wanted them to go. On each person's face, you could see their trust and assurance in knowing they where going to the place the Lord had designed for them as the Holy Ghost testified to them it is right. With the call now opened, the person seemed to be beaming with enthusiasm that lasted weeks upon weeks, growing as their time came closer for them to go. I loved that experience. What has testified to me even more was returning to my homeward and seeing this same miracle happening to four of my ward friends.  I have known them since my birth, and to see their lifes' brightened with mission excitement hit me in a powerful way.

I can't wait to get my call and join with this wonderful group of youth. Until then, I can keep on preparing myself! Yay! I am so blessed for this opportunity to witness and take part in this great moment in history.

Speaking of history. I have two new loves! Church history and family history! I am excited to be spending my time doing more of these wonderful things too!

Em Ro

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