Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week Two in Spokane!

Hello Everyone!
I want to tell you more about my area out here and how I go about doing what I do.

Am I biking or riding?
I definitely have a car.  We are actually working in the city but they haven't found an apartment yet that they want to purchase for the area.  So, until then we are temporarily living on the farm which is 20 minutes away from most of the people we are currently contacting.  So we definitely need to use our bikes.  We have a limited amount of miles and when we start to run out, we will use our bikes to go to places that are close to one another.

The area we have been opening has never had Sisters in it before!  So that is exciting!  There are lots of people with potential and I can't wait to find more and more investigators.

Are there any Spanish Speaking people in Spokane?
I get asked this question A LOT by people in Spokane!  There are tons of Spanish speakers!  My view might be a bit biased since I mostly am looking and meeting with people who speak Spanish... Also, our Mission Branch Leader said there are 22,000 Spanish speaking people in the greater Spokane area.  That is more people than live in Brigham City!  So, all I really need to do is find the amount of people in Brigham City and talk to them ALL while I am on my mission!  There are only eight Spanish speaking missionaries right now in Spokane.  There used to be a ton more, but when the mission was split, about 57 missionaries went to the Kennewick Mission, because there is a lot more need there.

In other news about the amount of Spanish speakers here.  Our Branch just announced last Sunday that it would be split!  Which is great because the Branch is quite far away from many of the members.  Now the Branch will be closer to many.  I can also tell it is really a bit sad for the Branch because the members are very close to each other.  I definitely came to this mission at an exciting time!

Also, Spokane, in general, is very diverse!  We have talked to people who speak Russian, Indian, Albanese, and lots of Marshallese.  In fact, there is a Marshallese Branch here and a Chinese group too, with missionaries working for both groups!  Plus, we just received two missionaries who can speak Russian!! Which is a blessing, because there are a ton of Russian language speakers!

How do we go about finding?
So, you might be wondering how we go about finding Spanish speakers, right?  I know I was definitely wondering about that before I came out here.  No worries!  There are lots of ways to find people!  First of all, we ask everyone we talk to about the people they know who speak Spanish.  The Church also offers free English classes so we tell them about that sometimes and ask who they know that would be interested.  Also, we have a HUGE festival our branch is putting on for the whole Latino-Americano community in the greater Spokane area.  So we have been spreading the news and finding people that way.  Also, there are other ways too!  And we are always trying them out.

How do I watch General Conference?
I am so so so so excited for General Conference!  I just finished reading all the talks of the Prophet and Apostles from last Conference!  Each talk has helped me out so much and I can't wait to hear more!  I get to watch every session in our meeting house!  That is where most of the members watch it here in Spokane!  I think I will be watching it in English, but I am not very sure... so... we will see next Saturday during the RS General Meeting.

Did I eat Any of That TUNA???
Did I eat any fish?  NO!... And I am completely okay with that!! They haven't offered any to us.  They told me that they give many of the cans away to friends who love getting some every year.  They did give us fresh eggs from their chickens on Saturday!  Those are fun to eat!!

I will send pictures!  Bye for now, Love from...Hermana Phipps

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