Thursday, September 5, 2013

Get Ready to Go! 461 days left.

[It is September 5th and Emma is getting ready to leave the Mexico MTC.  She will fly out next Monday to Spokane, Washington, USA!!]

   Thank you for sending the ward newsletter.  I so enjoyed it!  I like keeping up with my dear ward friends.  I am so sad to hear about the hardships in our ward right now.  My heart goes out to those families. 
   The biggest smile came on my face when I heard you did the pancake breakfast with the grandkids! I am glad they liked it. 
   I have been thinking so much about you all lately!  I couldn't ask for a better family than the one I am blessed with.  So, I am feeling pretty ill right now, so instead of stressing and writing a whole lot, I am just checking in and sharing a few things. The day before I leave, I get to e-mail again. So on Sunday I will write like I usually do.  NO WORRIES about me being sick.  I am doing well here, and I am sure that I will be feeling fine again in no time.
   I am so excited to be heading to Spokane!  But also, oh so nervous!!  Last week we met another girl who is heading to Spokane!  We spent five weeks at the MTC without crossing paths!
   I really love this MTC so much.  I couldn't have asked to have it any better.
   I couldn't be more thankful to be learning Spanish.  Seriously, I love this language!  Even more I love the people.  I have had a lot of random experiences with natives this week.  It is so much fun but also very scary 'cause I am not at all good at talking Spanish yet. On Sunday, I went to a meeting with the wife of the President of our branch.  They do not speak English a speck.  But I actually was able to understand them!  Reading and listening are my strongest points right now.  I FAIL at speaking... I am working on that though!  Speaking Spanish went a LOT better this week!  Which makes me so happy!
   Oh, one more thing.  Funny story time!  I told everyone in my district that I would be the first person to fall here.  Last Thursday, I fulfilled my prophecy!!!  Ha..Ha..Ha.  Hermana Taylor and I were doorbell ditching a note and some treats to some girls in our district when I slipped majorly on a mud patch.  I'll send pictures of the results sometime.  Ha Ha, I laughed SO HARD!!
[Note from parents: Emma had quite an issue with staying upright her first year at BYU...she worries about falling and it happens way too often!]
I love you ALL! Hear more from me Sunday! 

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