Monday, January 13, 2014


So family, what New Year's Goals have you made? Some of the amazing members in our Branch got together and made Family Mission Plans for the year!! I challenge you to do it too! Imagine all those around you that our family could help by serving. In doing this you might bring them Closer to CHRIST!

Being in the area for almost 3 transfers really helps you to learn your area. I LOVE IT!! I study the area daily and try to figure out just what my area needs everyday. I feel like this transfer just started, and now transfers are happening again! I don't feel that I will be leaving quite yet though, but I guess we will see!

Right now we are trying many different approaches to find new and prepared people to teach! I know they are out there, I just need to be led to them! Pray for us that we can cross paths with them!

Something I'm getting used to and also sometimes really enjoy, is talking to everyone we see! It certainly is always an adventure! I never can expect how others will react! Rarely is anyone really rude and if they are, I still love them anyways! I love just seeing all the different personalities shine as we talk to different people! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so more people are outside and we can talk to more people! Street contacting is 100% better than door contacting.

Well, I love you LOTS! ~Hermana Phipps

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