Monday, January 13, 2014


Just random facts about the first week of JANUARY 2014:

We had a Family Home Evening with the Lopez family. We taught about being examples for those around us. At the end we wrote on a paper why each person has been an example to us. It really was sweet! That family really is so strong. They are examples to more people than they could ever know. [Mama Mary note: They are examples to me, they had some big family tragedies just before Christmas, but they keep the Faith and continue to think of others and how to help them. Amazing!!]

New Year's Eve! As missionaries, we were given a list of movies we could watch for New Year's Eve. Hemana Quinn REALLY, REALLY wanted to watch The Lion King, but all the Elder's pushed for Forever Strong. Hermana Quinn put up a good fight for it, since this would be the only movie she would watch while on her mission. We ended up watching Forever Strong. (Hermana Quinn was very brave and generous for giving up what she wanted. As always, SHE IS AMAZING!) Funny as this sounds, it was weird watching Forever Strong. For multiple reasons. 1. It seemed really long, because we never watch anything that is longer than, like tops, 30 minutes. AND 2. Some of the parts were kinda sketchy (coming from a mission mind). But I also loved it! It was filmed all in Salt Lake City and seeing those mountains felt like home! And seeing all the Utah license plates made me sooooooo HAPPY!

On Christmas a member family gave us a BIG BASKET of goodies. In it was this Blackberry Juice. I drank it two days after Christmas. Then, one day, I walked into the kitchen to see Hermana Quinn staring inquisitively at her bottle of juice. After about 30 seconds, she asked, "You didn't drink this stuff, did you?" I responded, "Yeah, I had some awhile ago. It tastes pretty good! You aren't drinking it warm are you?" She then said, "Well, actually I am not going to drink it at all, did you read what it says on the bottle?"  Well, I had glanced at the label, but not read all the super fine print that says it is 25% tea :(.  That made me mad. Hermana Quinn thought how I reacted was pretty funny.

I am still a bit mad. GRRRRRRRR! I mean, I had a life long streak going of never having tasted that stuff.
:(   :(   :(   But Hermana Quinn talked me through it!

Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is coming this week to talk to us about our Mission Goals and then it is also time for transfer calls. I am already a bit nervous for them and I don't even know why. There really is no reason why I should be nervous!

We are working really hard! I am expecting miracles this week! Can't wait to hear more from you real soon!
Love, Hermana Phipps

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