Sunday, August 3, 2014


HOLA! [On July 28, 2014 Emma wrote...]

This week was WONDERFUL! (Like Always!)

Last Tuesday was so much fun! We got to teach English class and we actually had a student come. I love teaching English class, because I learn a whole lot more than I teach. We went over how to introduce yourself and meet your neighbors! Seriously, I just love English class. SO MUCH FUN!!

This week was miraculous! We biked and walked a lot. Great way to celebrate Pioneer day, right?! I just think about them and I can't complain. I actually am getting the hang of biking in a skirt! I love it too!! Hills are the only things that make me question if I really like biking... ha, ha. What is amazing is how, no matter how we go about doing missionary work (biking, walking, driving), the Lord finds a way to put us in the right place at the right time. This especially happened two times this week:

On Friday we visited one of our favorite families, Carmen and her son Juan. They are the greatest. When we went by, guess what we walked in to? Carmen was sitting with her friend (also named Carmen), and was inviting her to come to church! The friend is from Cache Valley, Utah. She is an Adventist, and the sweetest and most beautiful woman I have ever met in the world! She came to church and after she said (in Spanish), "How perfect, how lovely! I just loved it so much. It really felt beautiful being here!"

She talked to so many members after Church and the members kept coming up to tell us that they found our new investigator! It is exciting!!

Also on Friday, we had planned to bike to Medical Lake, but when it came time to go, deep down in my heart, I didn't want to. We only had an hour and a half of proselyting time and more than half of the time would be taken up biking. But we had it in our plans and we knew we needed to go there so we went! The main reason we went there fell through, so we tried our back-up. That is where we needed to be! We met two of the most prepared people in the whole entire world! We knocked on the door at 8:30 at night. Sister Taylor had her helmet in hand and we were both still a bit short of breath! As the door opened Sister Taylor started talking to the lady so humbly, it was so touching! At first the lady told us that they watch a pastor on TV everyday, so they didn't need to hear what we had to say, but Sister Taylor just kept on testifying and teaching. Soon we heard a voice coming from the background saying, "Wait, where is your church?" The husband let us in and we sat down. He told us that he knew God was softening his heart and that the last year was preparing him to accept us! How amazing is that?! We passed him on to the English missionaries. They love the Book of Mormon! It was AMAZING!!

And yes, though I hardly believe it at all, this week marks a year for me being my missionary-self. Oh, how the time flies!!

We went to visit Lola on her Birthday. She is just so adorable! (See picture below) We have a Family Home Evening planned with all her family and our Favorite Member Family the Burnett's tonight. I...CAN....HARDLY.....WAIT!!!!!


Love, Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

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