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I will forever be in LOVE with my mission.
I am starting to understand the true perspective of all things.

   This week I read an article from the August Ensign. It is called, "Act Upon This Land As For Years." I just love this article so much! I have read it and re-read it and almost every part seemed to talk right to me! Coming back to my first area was a heavenly dream come true. But as soon as I heard I was coming back, a question quickly came to my mind. I thought,"Well, but for how long do I get to be there?" At first I started making judgments about how hard it would be to go back and then maybe leave again soon after. Now I have left all those thoughts behind. I am going to do as the talk says and act as if I will be here for years and years and do the kind of missionary work that would be lasting. There is something just so exciting about this area right now. I am on cloud nine.
   Since the last few weeks have been crazy, I haven't gotten to talk about some obvious things! I am repenting now though.
   Let me introduce you to my companion! Hermana Boman. She is absolutely AMAZING. We are sooooo alike too! It has already been such a blast working with her. She is from Logan, Utah and has been on her mission for 5 months. She knew a TON of Spanish before going to the MTC. She even was in a special MTC class for Advanced Spanish speakers. She is a Spanish speaking pro!! She is such an amazing teacher too! I just love everything about being companions with her. We have the makings of really good unity, if I could just stop being so chatty when I meet all my old dear investigators from this area! Ha, ha,... I am working on it!
   Here is some background for Hermana Boman. She reminds me of a mix of me and all my best friends. It is kinda crazy! Before her mission, she went to USU and was studying Art. She is such a great artist! After her mission, she wants to head to good old BYU! Where we will be friends forever!! Also, she loves Doctor Who and every postcard her mom sends her has a connection between Doctor Who and the Gospel. IT IS SO GREAT!! [Note from Emma's mom... Emma's good friend Mariah who is serving in El Salvador is a great artist who loves Dr. Who! Too Fun!!]

   Hermana Quinn and I said our last good-byes last night, though I haven't accepted this fact yet. It doesn't seem real. We have worked in the same branch together for just under a year. 

   For the last few nights, I have been learning how to play hymns on the Uke! My favorite thing ever. No matter what is going on when I pick up the Uke, I can just feel the Spirit of the Song and I know everything is going to go the Lord's way.

   Rosie, I have been referring to her as "nuestra investigadora de oro" Golden Investigator because that is completely what she is. Guess what! She is the niece of Leticia Lopez! She also is the most ABSOLUTELY AMAZING person I have ever met!
   When we were teaching about the Book of Mormon, she asked us, "How can I get one of these books?" With HUGE smiles on our faces we said, "Well, that is exactly what we are here for! We have a gift for you!" She has been reading it non-stop since then. We left her to read Moroni 10:3-5. When we texted her the next day to see how her reading is going, she said, "I am in love with what I am reading! I can't wait to talk about it with you tomorrow!" When we went by for our second appointment, she told us that she read all of chapter 10. While reading it she read about gifts from God. She then told us that she has realized what her gift from God is. She is a baker! She said that after reading, she went and made 3 cakes to celebrate realizing her gift from God. She is adorable!!
   She has the two cutest children too! Oh my, I wish each of you could meet her. Actually! She used to live in Utah and she will be visiting in December! 
   She came to church yesterday. I love sitting with her family! We have our third lesson today with her at 6 pm. I can hardly wait!

   Well,... I need to tell you all a story. About a month or two ago, I had this really strange desire to know why I was on a mission. I kept thinking about how strongly I felt that I needed to go on a mission and how I felt like it wasn't even an option. It was just what I was supposed to do next in my life. But I prayed and prayed and prayed and one specific answer would not come to me, but I knew Heavenly Father had an answer for me. Coming back to this area was Heavenly Father's answer for me.
   I now know one of the biggest reasons I came on this mission is because I needed to meet Leticia Lopez and the whole Lopez family. They have completely changed me and how I view the world. I owe Heavenly Father everything for this chance to know them. We had an appointment set up this Friday with Krystal and Javier. When we went there, Leticia pulled us aside to have a lesson with her. We did and it was simply a sacred moment.
   During the lesson, she told us some startling news. Krystal's mom said that she might pick her up and take her to another state again. Lots of change for one nine year old! The moment I heard the news my heart started to break. Then the combination of what Leticia was bearing testimony of and a thought from the Spirit lifted me up. 
   First a thought rang clear through my head saying, look at Heavenly Father's hand in this. You were still in the branch when Krystal returned and was baptized. You got to spend two whole weeks with her before she leaves again. Have no fear. God is in all of this. Then Leticia bore testimony to me that between all that has happened within the last year, she is so grateful for her deeper relationship and understanding of the Lord and His hand in our lives. I wish I could have written her testimony in that moment, I am sure angels have transcribed it and I will be asking for it in heaven.
   Krystal might stay. Her mom is very wishy-washy about things. But no matter what, I have faith in the Lord. I have Faith in His timing. I have Faith in His guidance. This week, along with all this I have now found my favorite hymn, "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me."
   This is my humble prayer, that I will give the wheel to Him that He may chart my course.

I LOVE you ALL and I am so grateful God has given me each of you
to help me on my way!
Trust Always in HIS Guidance!!
Love, Hermana Phipps


[Emma sent this on Mon. August 25, 2014 -- Her mama is a little behind getting them in!]

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