Saturday, February 25, 2012

English Quest

Well, life has never been so busy.
I'm stunned and shocked to announce that I got 1st place for my Poster at English quest. I must admit though, if I were the judges I wouldn't have picked mine. I saw the talent and beauty of the other posters. They were beyond compare! So I thought I had no chance.

I'm proud of our whole school! We brought out best talents. Each item brought was a masterpiece in my eyes.

Well I posted a picture of the best use of my Physics text book, that is right. A glue press!

In other news, when I get time imma going start designing quotes. I'll explain more later. For now though I must focus on schooling, college, fit for life :S, and ending this trimester. While over coming bronchitis. Wish me luck!
Signing off.

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