Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So I have had quite a few fun adventures recently, but for some reason I keep putting of blogging about them. No worries! I am determined to share my stories and glories with you right here, right now.

Experience number one:
I belong to the awesome club BEHSSSSSSSSsSSSSsssS (that is Box Elder High School Social Studies Society and any other positive S word you know). I actually have the privilege of being an officer! A few weeks back we went on a trip that I thought was quite fun! We went to Utah's State Capital, which is such a beautiful building. Me and my friends had loads and loads of fun taking the most random picture (see proof below). We also went to the Daughter of Utah Pioneers Museum, which I had not known anything about. There are trillions of artifacts! I just LOVE that type of stuff. Great museum.

Then the next week I had experience nĂºmero dos! That means number two.
I went to my very first FBLA competition! It was all kinds of fun and scariness! My friend Mufausa (Mariah) and I entered "Digital Design and Promotion" category, which you make a business graphic along with six supporting designs then give a presentation to a panel of judges. I have never done anything even remotely close to this. Gratefully, Mariah is a wonderful public speaker and helped me along.

And guess what? To our delight we took first place! :D Along with 100 dollars! I have a picture of us with our money! We are currently preparing for State. Crazy. Also I am preparing for an English Quest completion for next Friday! :S I'm far from being ready.

Well, there we go. I have finally caught up with my news! Whoo!


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