Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Whole Future is Before Me

I received some most exciting news yesterday. While in Salt Lake City visiting my sister for her birthday I opened my email. To my delight my acceptance letter from the very magnificent BYÜ sat there anticipating my opening. I was excited and stunned all at once. I feel that college is right on my front porch, waiting to knock and invite me to a new stage in my life. I can barely believe it is here and I wonder if I am ready at times.

To say the least my parents are positively invigorated by my acceptance to BYÜ.

Here's the difficult part: I have to make major decisions and rather quickly. I have always LOVED BYÜ, always. I remember the days that my cousin and I got in rather large arguments about BYÜ and arch-enemy U of U. The idea of actually going to BYÜ is amazing beyond explanation.

On the other hand I have my wonderful sister, Amy. She reminds me of how not prepared I am to leave home. She also nudges me about how hard it will be to be two hours away. Even though that isn't a huge travel time, I have learned from my other sister Lisa that it still is quite distant enough to not be able to be at all our family gatherings. Amy and her family are rooting for me to go to USU which is just 30 minutes away from my home. Amy and her family are more than close. It isn't just a coincidence that I was with their family both times I have received acceptance letters. She even suggest that I live at her house, work at Dominos, and commute to college, which doing so would save me money.. It is true that many of my concurrent enrollment classes are accepted at USU where they are not at BYÜ. So in all going to USU will save money, and that really counts in college life.

Then there is my mom and she likes the idea of SVU which is on the other side of the nation. I do like SVU because the class sizes are extremely small, but it is just so far away.

Also I have been accepted from BYÜ-I, and the spirit that is there is very enticing.

And there is me. Stuck between my own feelings, my family's wishes, and building a life that would be pleasing to the Lord.

I'm other news, check me out with a lightsaber! Awesome, right?


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