Saturday, February 11, 2012

In My Perfect Spot

I dream of traveling the world. Who doesn't dream of taking exotic trips to unknown lands? Yet, in all my dreaming of all the beautiful places I could be, I am beyond content in my own perfect little corner of the world. I currently am nestled in my bedroom window nook, my grandmothers quilt around me, and the house is at peace. The feeling it surreal being so fulfilled by my own little spot.
Then I think of my favorite little town: my hometown. Picture a town lined with trees, adorn with historical places, and a place where after ten the town is perfectly quiet. Many of my peers complain about the "sleepiness " of it all, but to me it is sweet serenity.

Well this isn't at all what I came to write about, but my mind often takes flight, soaring away from any current intentions. I think I may write on my original topic tomorrow.
Look deeper at your surroundings, beauty beyond measure might just be right before your eyes.
-Emma Rose
P.s. I live in a world where everyone has something to say and everyone "deserves to be heard". I agree that people should be heard, yet not everything should be said. This blog is for selfish reasons. I am writing it mostly for myself. So I rather am not particular if I am heard or not. As long as I can draw a picture to myself of my thoughts, my dreams, my short comings, and my successes, I am happy. Hear ye or not. If you do listen then I sure hope you enjoy.

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