Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh How I Long to Be In Europe

Everything I desire is in Europe, except The Hunger Games and my family.
Concerts for Coldplay,
Music from Mumford and Sons,
Harry Potter premiers,
Magically weddings,
I-Tunes music festival (Coldplay, the Script, Adele!),
British movies we don't get in American,
And driving on the left side of the road.

Okay, maybe it is mostly my current music obsessions that cause me to believe i belong to Europe, but not being able to get the music, movie, or experience I want just because I live in America is not very pleasant. So, I'm in love with a new song from Mumford and Sons, who need to hurry and finish their already masterpiece of a new album. But lucky American me will probably have to wait for it to be released in Europe. Whoa! What happen to little miss optimistic?
Oh wait! I have a plan. I have been participating in genealogy recently! Sometimes, when you get stuck tracing your family line or want to do more research you have to travel to your family's homeland! Lucky me that is Europe! So who knows what is in store for my future! :D
Well, I have been needing to blog about another subject so I will be ending this blog now.

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