Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First E-mail!

497 -- Wednesday July 31st
Emma arrived safe and sound!  We received her first e-mail in the afternoon.  AND...I was WRONG!! (See Emma's e-mail below)
I did not get to see Elder Felix, but, tender mercies from the Lord, his father & Emma did! :)

FROM EMMA: (sent on July 30th 2013 from the Mexico MTC @ 4:28 pm)
AMAZING, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. These last 12 hours have already blown my mind.  While on the plane I was worried about immigration, customs, and what not, but I had absolutely no need to fear.  There were many Elders and two other Sisters.  So far I am known as the Lone Ranger 'cause I have yet to find another Washington Spokane Missionary.  If I am correct, I am the only one without a mission buddy.  All is well though! I'm sure I will find one soon!

Guess what, the keyboards here are different!  It is kinda hard but I am getting the hang of it slowly.

Dad, I really like it here!  And for the most interesting reasons!  Some of the teachers flew with us to the MTC.  They say that starting tomorrow we will be fully immersed.  Also, this MTC campus is huge and absolutely gorgeous!!  The crazy thing is right out side the walls is Mexico in all its glory, but I also love that side of this experience too.

My BADGE is the most lovliest thing of my life!  Well, it is time for me to go off and eat dinner and find my room and all that jazz.  I am the luckiest girl in the world!
PS...Brother Wayne Felix helped me to my gate and Elder Felix came and said hello! 
They really helped my transition into this new adventure!!
[FROM Mom amazing to hear that Papa Felix got to see Elder Zach & they both visited with Emma ... Another "OH HAPPY DAY!!"] 

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