Monday, October 14, 2013

Hermana Si (Yes) - TOTALLY Fits!!

Today it RAINED!! The rain came out of no where and came down very, very hard!  It has been rainy off and on the last few weeks, but the rain here is usually very, very light.  Sometimes it is so minuscule I wonder how gravity even pulls it down!  I love great big ol' rain storms.  I always have.  One of my favorite childhood nicknames will forever be "gutter girl" ... and jumping into gutters is something I think I will be doing even when I am 90 (even if it means I have to jump into a puddle with a wheelchair, I will figure it out!).  As I watched the rain just pour down, I finally figured out why it is that I love rain so much.  Rain is a message from Heavenly Father.  It helps us remember that He knows that we live. By sending rain He reminds us that He wants to support us in our living.  Isn't that amazing!  I know there is a reason why God sends us water from the sky and doesn't just have it appear from the ground.  It reminds us that He cares, it reminds us that He is above.  It reminds us, that we are HIS!

At the beginning of October, the Lord sent us many messages in an even more amazing way!  Through our Prophet and Apostles, he gave us His direct words of love and guidance.  I hope you all listened!!  This General Conference was heightened in its power for me.  I received answers and comfort not only for myself, but many, many, many times for my investigator.  It was amazing. There is not one talk that I did not feel that the Lord had a specific part for me to use to help others.  I cannot wait to use the words of the Prophet and the Apostles for the next six months.  I will update you on how the words have changed me as the months go by!

Want to know how amazing of an adventure I am on?
First, I get to see the miracles of conversion unfold right before my eyes!  Fernando, after saying His first vocal prayer on Sunday, Oct. 29th has been growing so much!!  I feel so blessed to watch him change.  The next appointment we had with him was Tuesday and he had kept all his commitments and even gone back and completed ones he hadn't fully finished.  He is gaining a testimony and is acting on it!! He is helping one of our other investigators keep the faith!  It makes me want to cry and pray to Heavenly Father with all my soul giving thanks to Him.  Being a part of this process is CELESTIAL.

Second, doors are being opened for us.  We are becoming great friends with Loordes and her novio (boyfriend).  When we first spent time with the two of them we had a wonderful time.  Loordes' novio joked with us a bit but then he started to ask sincere questions he had about missions and what we do exactly and why we choose to come on one.  He was very interested to know!  Ever since then we have met with them and talked about missions some more.  He loves to joke with us! I have to tell you about my favorite funniest moment with them!
A little background first:
Everyone struggles saying my name.  1. Because "ph" is not used in Spanish words, they use the letter "f".  2. If that wasn't hard enough, the "h" in the Spanish language doesn't really make any sound ever.  So I usually just go with however they say my name.  It is a hard name!  Well, Loordes' novio when first saying my name called me Hermana Zits ... ZITS!! Like those things I am usually blessed not to have!  That is the craziest pronunciation I have heard so far!  He knows what Zits mean in Spanish so he thought it was HILARIOUS!
Hmmm...yeah!  Funny right?  Also, now he calls me Hermana Si.  This is because I always say "si" and not a whole lot else. [si means yes.]  I am working on Spanish though.  I do speak it, but fifty percent of my wards are "si."  Ha Ha!  Well, through all the laughs, it is a miracle the relationships we are building here.  I know God knows His children and knows how to reach them.  Cannot wait to tell you more as more of the story comes.
LOVE YOU ~~ I Hope You Feel It!
Love, Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

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