Monday, October 21, 2013


On October 1,2013...Emma wrote:

So while I have been out on my mission I have been so touched by the countless acts of love that have been offered to me.  Some of these might sound of little importance, but really, each of these acts of service have made me feel more grateful than I could ever explain.  When I first got out in the field Hermana Quinn informed me that Costa Vida offers missionaries half-off all their meals!  For a missionary, nothing could be more amazing.  And, five of the Subways in Spokane let missionaries eat free once a week! That means they are feeding countless missionaries every single week.  How amazing!!  I seriously am awed by how kind and Christlike and generous people are.  Now, if this isn't enough, when Hermana Quinn and I had a jammed packed day and were miles away from home we decided to grab some Costa Vida.  When we went to pay for it, one of the customers before us had already paid for us.  They don't even know us!! I seriously couldn't believe it!  People are amazing!!  I have seen just how wonderful people really are.  I felt like I couldn't let these kindnesses go forgotten by me.  So, this act of kindness sparked an idea.  In my little missionary memory journal I carry around with me I added a section called  the "ANGELS LIST" and I put the name of every person who has lovingly helped some missionary on their way.  And guess what? My first page is almost full already!  I am so astounded by the kindness of people.  It makes me want to be more loving in every way I can be.


Brigham 23rd Ward Young Women and Leaders

This week I was surprised by the greatest gift ever!!  The dear Young Women sent me an AMAZING package!!  I do not believe I have ever smiled so big in my life!!! :D  It was absolutely adorable!! They definitely made themselves onto the Angels List!!

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