Sunday, October 20, 2013


[On Monday, October 14th Emma sent the following.  My apologies to everyone, between a horrible illness for Blaine & myself and a trip to New Mexico to see a beloved 92 year old Aunt, I fell behind :(  ~ I will work at not letting it happen again!!]

Emma writes...
This week has been a very BIG week!  We had lots of training and lots of Big Things to do!!  I have so much to catch you all up on!  On Saturday we had a HUGE Latin American Festival.  We have been working on it ever since the day I arrived in the Valley.  We have been spreading the news about it like CRAZY!!   It was the members idea to help unite the Latin American community and find more people to talk to.  IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESS!!  My branch has the greatest group of members in the world.  I am sure of it.  I have lots and lots of pictures to send you of the event.  Unfortunately I left my camera at home on accident, but no worries, Hermana Quinn is letting me send you some of her pictures.

I am pretty sure that was the funnest party I have ever been to!!  It was so much fun!  The decorations were amazing and I got to set them up!  There was dancing and songs from many different countries, amazing food and a big dance party at the end.  I didn't have to be pressured to dance either, because I can't...I am a MISSIONARY!!  How perfect!  All the people who came LOVED IT!!   Plus, there were SO many non-members and we talked to all that we could!  It was all around perfect.  I am still worn out from it though!!

If that wasn't a big enough thing to end my week with, my entire week was full.  Here is the list of the BIG things I did this week!
1 - I tried to figure out how to teach English pronunciation.  Let me tell you something!!  English pronunciation is impossible to explain simply...But we did our best!  I studied it for hours during personal time and it still is so hard to figure out how to explain it.
2 - We now have 10 missionaries serving our single branch!!  2 Elders, 6 Sisters, and an elderly couple!  Only Hermana Quinn and I, the elders, and the Senior Companions attend our branch each Sunday, but still that is a lot of missionaries serving one Branch... But that leads to the next big point:
3 - It has been officially announced that our Branch will be split on November 3rd.  I am serving here at an amazingly exciting time!
4 - We are teaching the sweetest little girl.  She LOVES US!  Let me tell you, when an investigator screams at the top of their lungs out of excitement because you are here, THAT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER!!  LOVE TEACHING HERE!!

Thanks always for your prayers!
Love you,  Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

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