Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gathering Israel!!

Being out here I get to experience MIRACLES every single day!  This week I got to hear three different people say their first prayers out loud.  An apostle once compared these moments to the investigators own sacred grove experiences.  The spirit is so strong when they say, in FAITH, their own prayer.  Sometimes it is a bit of a leap of faith to pray for their first time.  But when they do, I know they feel the power of it.  I could feel the power of it while listening to them.  It is beautiful.
So as missionaries we are Gatherers of Israel.  I think this is my favorite title ever for missionaries, well that and Representatives of Christ.  When things get a little tough or things seem to be not going exactly as planned I just picture myself as a Gatherer of Israel.  All I need to be doing is going around and gathering. Something about that thought comforts me and motivates me!  I cannot really explain it, but it is really an inspiring thing for me to envision!  So, in every interaction I have I try to imagine how I can help someone as Christ would help them.  As I treat them as Christ would treat them, I am helping them to be gathered by His love, which has the strongest power to draw anyone into Israel.

I shared my testimony IN SPANISH!  In Sacrament Meeting.  I guess it should be obvious that it was in Spanish, but still... It is a HUGE thing!!

Also, cooking on a mission can be quite an adventure!  I was missing some ingredients for something that I was making, so I improvised...  Yeah, I don't think I should improvise again!!

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